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Starseeds in Trauma

What is it that you really want in life?

So many of us don’t really know. We float through life adorned with crystals, our hearts wide open and our clothes smelling slightly of Nag Champa. Our perfume is lavender or frankincense essential oils and an "Om", "Peace" or "Love and Light" is never far from our lips.

But are we really happy? Are we not all still searching for something?

And then we seem to step up to the next level or dimension and we kinda feel we know what we’re searching for.  We believe that soon, everything will become clear and we’ll understand exactly what we’re here to do.  What our Soul purpose and mission really is.

Then we’ll know where we’ve come from because we will have connected with our Star Families.  We'll be Galactically aligned and will feel our connection with our Cosmic brothers and sisters and all will be well once we are 5D and beyond.

But is it really or do we still keep searching? We want further understanding. We want to know things at a deeper level. We want to be able to feel the truth of our existence and we want to know our galactic history and right about then, we discover that Earth History is not at all what we were taught in school so we set off on yet another path of learning.

We reach higher. We search for teachers. People who are talking about the exact thing we’re looking for and who “seem to know things”. We search the internet – the World Wide Web – a most apt name for a mishmash of truth and lies, deceit and manipulation and we try to pick our way through it to get to the Truth, or at least a version of it that seems to resonate with us.

In fact, often what we find is not comfortable at all and we may wander into the realms of Conspiracy Theory too.  Its revelations are never comfortable although certainly more proven than many other things we could pick out of the web.

So our bodies and minds might be slightly in shock by now. Our governments don’t really care about us or the planet. We’re not who we thought we were and our history books are fake. We come from another planet and our home planet has endured multiple years of galactic warfare and might even have been blown up, scattering pieces of our consciousness all over the Universe - perhaps even through multiple Universes. It’s not comfortable to know this but “it makes so much sense”!

As well, we live on a planet that various factions of ETs and Illuminati are at the same time controlling and decimating and we are at the mercy of their technology, frequency warfare, intended human genetic modification and cloning, gender manipulation, transhumanism and the list goes on.

Phew! If we can still manage to remain open hearted and peace loving after all of that, then we’re doing well but the sad truth is that many Starseeds are suffering on this planet not necessarily from being directly targeted but they are actually suffering from PTSD. I call it Starseed Trauma.  We are a whole demographic of people in shock.  Not many are highly functioning as was intended and not so many are actually even very empowered.

Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of Starseeds. I’ve given them readings on their Star lineage and I’ve journeyed inter-dimensionally with them to find lost parts of their consciousness from past, future and parallel lives in order to bring them back into wholeness and it has worked to some degree but what I have consistently found, certainly with the vast majority of them, is that actually they are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not from a car accident, bombing or earthquake that has happened to them whilst living on this planet but from the stories they have told themselves about their life as a Starseeds on this planet and what they have endured on others.

As a hypnotherapist, I have learned that the mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, particularly when there is a lot of high emotion and visualisation involved. We can take on something that we watch or hear and our body responds as if it is really happening to us. It has been scientifically proven that actual physiological changes take place and this is precisely why our heart rate and blood pressure increases when we watch a scary movie, why we might have bad dreams that night or why we begin to start double checking that we locked doors and windows and that we have a baseball bat tucked neatly underneath our bed.  

Fear has set in somewhere, although not many of us would admit it.  I was created from something we watched on TV. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t happening to us and yet we’ve taken it on as if it were our own and our body and emotions are responding in exactly the same way as if we were really there... as if we were the person hearing footsteps outside on the gravel, seeing lights of an alien spaceship or seeing aliens staring down at us as we sleep.

Now, in my experience at least, interdimensional beings do exist. We do have past, future and parallele lives.  There is life on other planets and we do have visitors to this planet. We can retrieve lost parts of our consciousness – this is a common technique used in shamanic healing and when we work energetically with someone we can often see what has occurred in their consciousness experience that has caused that imbalance, energy block or limitation.  Dark things do exist.

We, as humans, are very capable of creating scenes and events with our imagination and consciousness. Have you ever had a dream that your partner was cheating on you and it felt so real that you believed it was real and then gave them a hard time about it in the morning? We do that all the time with our ego too, when we have scenarios that play out about what we should have/could have/will say and what they will say back – but it’s not really happening, we’re making it up and we can then even begin to believe that what we created is real. Sociopaths actually do this all the time.. and narcissists and gaslighters use this to their advantage too. The point is that you can be made to believe things that are not really true.

Energy flows where attention goes. We know this – this is the Law of Attraction. What do you think would happen if you spent all your time looking up, reading and listening to information about alien abductions…? You might hear some really shocking accounts and experiences and it might frighten you. As you begin to follow and trust the people who are telling you all of this information you begin to believe more and more that it is real, because you feel like you know this person and you’re beginning to trust their account of events. Surely they wouldn’t tell you something that wasn’t true or give you a made up story…?! (and neither would Governments or Big Pharma lie, would they?)

The more you listen to and read these stories and accounts, particularly if they feel worrying, disturbing or scary, the more it is affecting your nervous system, to the point that it begins to cause a very deep rooted feeling of chronic trauma, that you can’t quite identify - because it's not quite real. Initially you know that it didn’t really happen to you in this life and yet you feel unsettled. It's so vivid and relateable.  When you search for more information – when you read of more people having similar experiences, you layer that trauma in a little deeper and because you can’t quite find your own understanding of what’s really going on, you then take on somebody else’s explanation or opinion on it and perhaps even more than one person’s opinion which you then take as confirmation that it actually happened and your mind and body think its real.

When you reach out to get context on what you’re experiencing, you may be told that you have hidden memories starting to surface and as shocking and confronting as that is, it also adds another layer of trauma because now you also have to deal with the “reality” that it is real and that it actually happened to you. But did it...?

If you research Trauma Based Mind Control, you will understand now because of these layers of trauma you have moving through your nervous system, that you are ripe for Mind Control. Many people will have lost their sense of reasoning by this point and they will find it hard to distinguish between what’s real or imagined.  Potentially they could take on anything we tell them if we make it sound real and emotive enough.  The mind loves to be excited! 

People can really begin to live in fear on this planet. They struggle to get on with “normal” people in the outside world. They begin to separate themselves from others. They prefer to hang out only with other Starseeds because their frequency is very high and other people feel so dense to them.  Admittedly there is some truth to this and I have been in the far extremes of it myself, however it is also part of our trauma and it can be overcome.  There is always resonance with others who are experiencing the same as we are.

Based on what is read and shared on the internet we literally can be programmed to believe all manner of things that really don’t serve us. Here are just a few of the beliefs of many Starseeds that are limiting and detrimental to a happy and productive life:

- the belief that there are black magic and satanic grids all over the place and it is unsafe to be in some places on this planet (maybe even your home town!);
- that you must grid your home for protection from dark forces;
- that black op helicopters follow you; as a starseed you are under surveillance;
- that your exhaustion is because you are working in other dimensions all over the planet at night-time;
- that starseeds struggle to hold down a normal job because the frequencies are too harsh and dense for them;
- that there is an agenda on this planet to hold starseeds back, to prevent them from becoming successful or acquiring wealth.

I’ve had many Starseed clients in whom these exact sets of beliefs have been so deeply programmed, that they almost can’t function. They’ve lost friends and family, lost their health and have ended up living in their car or on the street. Many feel suicidal. These are true stories.

Now tell me the difference between many of our veterans who can’t hold down a job, lose friends and family and end up homeless through PTSD. Some struggle to face reality, they have flashbacks to scenes of the battlefield and being shot at and Starseeds have flashbacks to galactic wars and being abducted.

In both cases, these are people in trauma.

Their nervous systems are fried and they need help to heal. It would do a war vet no good to go back to the battlefield nor does it do a Starseed any good to continue to research and listen to this same type of content, and yet, it's quite addictive and many of them wear it as a badge of honour, for their great service to humanity.

They believe that this is what they came here to do – to raise the consciousness of the planet and help to awaken others and some will martyr themselves to the point of exhaustion on their planetary gridwork.  Many of them have problems with food intolerances and sensitivities - a classic sign of a fried nervous system thats affecting the gut.  I know because I had it too,

What they don’t realise is that many of them are Starseeds in Trauma. Their nervous systems are stressed and breaking down. They’re emotionally and psychologically exhausted and they are severely in danger of losing touch with reality. In this state, they are not high vibrating beings at all – their frequency is actually very low. They feel that they’re vibrating highly because their nervous system is electrified but that’s not a good thing. Many are completely delusional and in this state they are not even fulfilling their mission on earth anymore.

A Starseed is not effective in their mission when they are in trauma and can hardly function on this planet, however, their stories are very attractive.  Some appear very charismatic and they often attract a following.

Now, here comes the contradiction…

I know that many of the things I’ve talked about here are true. Galactic wars. Aliens. A negative agenda.
I’m not saying that it is all made up or inaccurate. What I am saying is that by continually researching, reading and listening to other people’s accounts of what they say they experienced, is having a negative effect upon us. We want to be informed, we want to learn and understand – I get that! But at what cost?

The mind learns by repetition. You can programme your mind to believe anything if you repeat it enough times. My goodness… we can even begin to believe our own lies if we say them enough times! Deep down we know it’s not true but say it enough times and we’ll believe it and this is exactly the problem that so many Starseeds are experiencing - especially by continually reading things and listening on You Tube.

What we can create in life is all down to our mindset. Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right". It all comes down to belief.

In client sessions I often use hypnotherapy to discover the root cause of the limiting belief that’s holding the client back. Once we have the understanding of where that came from, then we can change the belief and their lives change for the better. It could be something simple, because the mind of a child could easily misunderstand a situation in life and come up with a completely different meaning than an adult would, but it affects them negatively throughout their life until it is uncovered and corrected.

For example: My client believed that because Daddy is never home and Mummy cries all the time, that it’s her fault because she can’t make Mummy happy like Daddy does. "Mummy smiles a lot when Daddy's there" she said. She also believed that Daddy stayed away because of her, because he didn’t like being with her.  This affected her throughout her whole life.  She grew up feeling that she must be bad and unloveable (because Daddy stayed away) and she also spent her whole life trying to make everyone happy. When she couldn’t she blamed herself and thought that she was unworthy and that something must be wrong with her.  As an adult she still felt confused and didn't understand why she felt this way but once we accessed those memories, it made so much sense and everything changed in her life from that moment on.

With my starseed clients, they often go back to a childhood in which they felt different from others. They are usually highly sensitive to other people’s emotions from an early age, they are empathic and like quiet time to themselves – often in nature. When they can stay in balance like this, they do quite well and they haven't necessarily suffered in childhood because of being a starseed any more than any other child might.  Lets be honest, most of our childhoods were not perfect but invariably when we begin to look for the root cause of the problems they have now, it always stems back to when they first became awakened and began to research their lineage and take on other people’s experiences and beliefs. They don’t realise it but as empaths they are literally absorbing everything they read, watch or hear. Actually, we all do. Starseed or not.  The mind takes in everything it sees, hears or feels and this is exactly the same as when we watch a horror movie or psychological thriller. We become disturbed by it. It affects us, plays on our mind and we can become quite paranoid by these things.

I saw a scary movie once – I’ve never been able to look at china faced dolls without having a flashback since! But it wasn’t real and I know that.  It didn’t happen to me, yet if I chose to dwell on it, fear would creep in. That’s how the mind works.

We can overcome all of these things. We just have to understand how the mind works and use it in a better way.  It's also a good idea to begin sifting through our so called "starseed memories" to work out which ones are real and which are not.  Which ones are our own and which we have taken on from someone else.  

Always search for the truth on your path.
From my heart to yours,


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  • Comment Link Ram Raja Monday, 15 July 2019 21:51 posted by Ram Raja

    I am so glad I bumped into your wisdom. Really appreciate it. Like the other comment here, I felt like it's a story about myself as well. I has gotten to a point where I have hit a block and no more content or knowledge is helping me. It is like a dead end and a loop. (I read your article on time loops). Your content brought a huge sigh of relief. What is clear is the need for grounding within. Knowledge can wait. There enough and more gleaned. Thank you.

  • Comment Link Karen Turpin Friday, 17 May 2019 19:16 posted by Karen Turpin

    Thank you so much for your comment Janice.
    I'm pleased it made so much sense to you. We've probably been down some of the same rabbit holes on our journey...!
    I'm happy we've made it out the other end.
    Many thanks again

  • Comment Link Janice Burdick Thursday, 16 May 2019 20:57 posted by Janice Burdick

    Wow. I feel like I just read a story about myself...including the food sensitivities and leaky gut. (L-Glutamine is always at hand!) I don't know how many "rabbit holes" I've dived into throughout my search for Truth, but I know there have been *many*. At one point - not too long ago - I realized I *had* to stop the madness. I was staying up until 3 or 4a.m. reading and listening and watching, and each article or video had links to other sites I felt I *had* to investigate as well. My eyes would burn from strain, and I was surrounded by paper I'd taken notes on. Well...I'm sure you get the picture, and that's why I want to thank you SO MUCH for this article. It's really helped to "ground" me. We (all) need to be aware of our thoughts! We are creating what we are thinking about, after all. Thank you again, for bringing that to our attention(s).


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