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When the rubber meets the road.

June 2018 Energy Report for Becoming Conscious

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We are almost at the mid point of this year and many of us feel as if we have already been through a whole years’ worth of clearing and emotional healing work.  The energies around us have been very creatively intense - inspiring us to create new things, to make plans, set targets and goals for the that life we want.  In the dreaming stage it’s fun, in the setting up stage it’s also exciting but now we are moving into the stage where everything starts to get a bit more serious and playtime is over.  This is where the rubber meets the road and the real work must get done if we are to make any progress in the direction of our goals.  This is a time of grounding our new reality into the present.

So back in January/February time we started laying some new foundations.  We were pulling apart the old and creating the new and since that time we’ve been doing the necessary restructuring and re-organising.  This very individual process could be focused towards our business, our primary relationships or just life in general - anywhere that we felt we needed to re-set boundaries or make a shift or upgrade. 

When we set new foundations in place it’s always an exciting time – one filled with possibility of what could be created and hope for future happy times and this is like the honeymoon period.  But time moves on and we are passed that stage now.  The honeymoon is indeed over and it’s time to knuckle down and make this thing work.

The mind loves what is familiar and as energetic beings living in an electric universe, we tend to create magnetic pathways through life.  Neural pathways are created in the brain when we constantly think the same way and over time we then go on to create larger magnetic or energetic imprints in our life.  It tends to be that older people get “set in their ways” and this is exactly why.  They think in the same way, they behave and act in the same way and they get the same outcome over and over.  It feels familiar and comfortable to them and they usually quite like that.  It becomes so automatic then that they don’t question it, they just go along with it.  This is a magnetic imprint, it can happen at any age, so even if they want to do something different they find themselves magnetically drawn back to behaving in the same way, doing the same things over and over. We have probably all heard the expression that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” as a way of explaining that but in fact this is a bit of an old wife’s tale really because scientists studying brain neuroplasticity will confirm that we can learn new things and create new neural pathways at any age.  Granted that it might appear harder to learn new things as we age but this is based on our beliefs, so if we hold the belief that it will be hard, then it will be.  If we can trick our minds into believing that we can do it easily and if we excite the mind to look forward to this new learning then it will become easier and we might even surprise ourselves at how easy it actually is.  It’s all about the messages we give to our mind.

This behaviour of being set in our ways is true when we look at many areas in our life – we eat the same types of foods (which we call our favourites), we dress in the same style (it becomes our style), we are attracted to the same types of people to be in relationship with (and actually this is sometimes why people habitually choose a man or woman that treats them badly) and we tend to hold the same beliefs and opinions over many a year.  These tend to become repeating patterns and they hold an individual energy signature or vibrational pathway.  Every choice we make and every thought we have holds a particular vibration and therefore these vibrations are also part of the neural pathways we have built in the brain and they reinforce the overall frequency of our body and also our projected outcome in life.

Change can be tricky and when we are attempting to make changes in our life and to create new experiences, we must break down these existing outmoded and often lower vibrational neural pathways that keep us hooked and bust up the energetic imprints that draw us magnetically back into old repeating patterns, so that we can then create new pathways that hold a higher vibration and increased potential.

When we are in the honeymoon phase of any great change it’s quite easy to think and act in a different way but after a period of time the body and mind want to revert back to their old state of being – the one that feels so natural and familiar to them – we want to get back into our comfort zone.  This is the point at which diets tend to plateau, people go back to their abusive partners and smokers begin to light up again.  The moment this happens that old neural pathway that was just on the verge of being completely collapsed and overridden is suddenly sparked back to life again and it’s fight for survival is even stronger than before hence the craving for what is familiar becomes stronger than ever.

When dealing with more emotional types of issues, those of ending relationships, finding the courage to speak one’s truth or actually respecting and loving ourselves at a deeper level, these always go through a similar type of honeymoon phase where the possibility of a new and more empowered life really excites us and we begin to fire up the brain to create new circuits.  But again, once the honeymoon wears off the magnetic pull back into old ways of being can be strong and we may find that we are unconsciously letting our guard down again because we thought our shift of consciousness was complete and we thought it was safe to do so but before we know it lack of self care or abuse has stepped in again – either their abuse of us or our abuse of ourselves.

So here we are half way through the year now and the honeymoon is most definitely over.  Those old niggling patterns of behaviour are fighting for survival and perhaps self doubt is creeping in.  We may be questioning ourselves:  can I really do this? Am I strong enough to carry this through? Do I really have anything of value to offer the world?  This is where the rubber meets the road and we have to dig deeper because the evidence is there that more layers are moving up to be cleared.  This is not a time to stop and give in, this is a time to become even more committed and go over those feelings with a fine tooth comb, making any adjustments as necessary in order that we can still achieve our goal, whatever that goal might be.

Take a moment for reflection.  What has worked well?  Where have we wasted time and energy on things that left us feeling drained and empty and where were the highs that encouraged us and filled us with inspiration?  Reflect upon both the bad and the good and take the learning presented within both experiences.

As now is the time to dig deep, ask yourself: what needs to change within me in order that I can reach my goals? What is holding me back from change or from stepping up?  Where is my energy blocked?  Am I holding on to fear?  Can I even sense, feel or know these answers?  Do I need to learn to know myself at a deeper level?

When we are in a constant state of busy we just never find the time to stop for long enough to really process these questions.  We must learn to become aware of when we sabotage ourselves like this.  It really is a study in self awareness and being present to Self.

All of the answers that we seek are there within us if we could just allow ourselves the space in which to hear, feel and acknowledge them.  For some of us it can take time to acquire this new skill because many of us have shut down our feelings over time.  Perhaps it was not safe for us to speak up, perhaps it was too painful to feel, and when we have shut down to the degree that we don’t really know what we think and feel anymore then it stands to reason that we feel unclear in our decision making process and our choices.  There is a disconnect somewhere within us but it can be corrected and now is the time to do just that.

We have all heard that we should be present in the now moment.  This can be challenging when we are holding memories of past painful situations and fear of the future because our energy is taken away from us simultaneously in both directions effectively leaving us energetically bankrupt in the middle of it somewhere.  We can even feel almost paralysed sometimes and this is a classic fight/flight/freeze response to stress.  Now we all know that this is a dangerous state for the body to live in long-term and the only way to get a better result, is to release the stress.  How? By dealing with the underlying emotional issues that keep us stuck there, bound and completely blocked from moving forwards in any truly empowering way. Yes, we may limp our way through life, dragging ourselves through each day, but surely this is not what we really want from our life and honestly, no amount of visioning ourself slim, toned, fit, healthy, successful is going to create that for us when we are so bogged down emotionally.  97% of the process of creating a healthy body and successful life is connected to emotional healing.  Without doubt emotional baggage sits all around our middle eventually affecting our heart or keeps us running around like headless chickens finding no safe place to stop and settle until we suffer complete burnout - technically known as a nervous breakdown but actually that might be the lesser of potential outcomes.  There are no medals awarded for this advanced state of energetic bankruptcy although in reflection the patient might think that they should have received the “booby prize” as they will certainly recognise that this was not one of the best decisions they ever made in their life.

So whether we feel frazzled in life or fully charged and inspired, now is a good time to take stock and become grounded in what it is that we really want to create.  We need to make sure that we have all the pieces in place now, so that we know which direction we are facing. Heading off with no destination in mind can get us lost along the way – which also is not one of our best choices in life and I’m sure we have all witnessed many directionless and lost people over the years that had great potential but never really came to much. Most importantly connect with your heart and be absolutely truthful with yourself.  Are you dancing to the beat of your own drum or to someone else’s tune?

Stay in truth, stay on your path,
From my heart to yours, with love.

© 2018, Karen Turpin

All rights reserved

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Karen Turpin is a multi-dimensional energetic healer, etheric surgeon, ascension facilitator and lightbody technology specialist. She also employs the use of multidimensional hypnotherapy to witness and dismantle your own subconsciously held programs, belief systems, karmic residue, and implants that are blocking you from living your life at its highest expression.

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