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Saturday, 01 October 2016 13:16

The Starseed Trap

This is the newsletter from which the Starseed Trap was derived and expanded upon
October 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We are coming into a time of a quite dramatic change of energy. The new moon Sept 30/Oct 1 brings a lovely fresh energy after the heaviness of the recent eclipses and the recalibration of energy that takes place with eclipses should have been integrated enough by now so that we are ready to move on again, although in truth this integration will continue for many months. We could say that the theme coming up is “action” – Jupiter/Mars is also helping us at this time, to move forwards with projects and get things done so it is a great time to get on with new projects or really with anything that requires a shifting up of energy or a changing of the status quo. It’s as if we are awakening from a slumber and seeing things with new eyes, such have been the revelations of late. These new energies coming in are all very positive, progressive, uplifting and really freeing.

We have been squeezed through a portal or doorway and we are birthing afresh into a new paradigm. There is a feeling of pulling everything back in – not to go into isolation, we don’t need to withdraw from the world as we learn and grow through what we experience in our relationship with our surroundings but more in terms of knowing ourselves on a deeper level – personal discernment, self esteem, integrity, awareness and self respect. We are finding that when we search for answers outside of ourselves and give all our power away to others to tell us what to do or what is right or wrong, that a part of our True Self is suppressed and hushed. It can take some time (and sometimes a great deal of work) for us to un-hush our inner voice and it can take great courage to listen to it and follow its guidance. Sometimes this can require that we go against everything we know and have ever believed in, but in fact when we do this we are de-programming ourselves from a constructed reality and finding our True Self once again. This has been a time for bringing to completion anything that has separated us from Awareness of Self, taken us away from who we truly are or taken our energy and focus and diverted it somewhere else. We need to urgently get ourselves back into balance again, focus our awareness back into our own heart so that we can manifest our heart’s power out into the world and into our daily lives.

Although life may have felt hard in these recent months, we have been quite blessed really… we have been made to look at the truth, even when it has been painful to see and planetary alignments right now are all geared towards supporting us to let things go and to really leave the past behind us and move in to a fresh new, higher state of being. Many of us have been revisiting our childhood to see where we picked up certain habits or mindsets that are still with us and affecting us today and that we are ready to leave behind and as well we are seeing many cycles of time that have come to completion from both this lifetime and from others. The synchronicity and symbolism of planetary movements supporting this has been fascinating, acting as another level of validation of information that has been coming through for many months now. This is a confirmation that we are completely on track with personal and collective revelations and they may cause us to wonder to some degree if everything actually is already written? What really is our destiny? How much power do we have to change things? And what exactly did we sign up for when we came here? From that line of neutral questioning even more packets of information are available and shows us yet another level of how manipulated and controlled is the world that we live in and yet how powerful we are to free ourselves from it through our own heart consciousness and awareness.

To some degree we could say that our freedom and health hangs in the balance and as we come into Libra with this new moon we have another opportunity to fully make that choice.

Are we really willing to let go of beliefs from the past and the construct of our 3D Self and step into our Higher Self?

As we make these dimensional shifts within ourselves, we require a different skill set to manage the dimensional laws that exist at that new level as it will be a different way of living and being from the one we previously knew and it is often this part of shifting consciousness that causes a person to flounder and slip back into old ways of being.

As an example:
a person leaves a religion or spiritual group and immediately searches for another (better!) one to take its place, effectively still searching for someone to tell them what to believe in;

a person leaves a bad relationship and rushes to find another partner who most likely will become almost a replica for the previous one although the gift of the lesson that still needs to be learnt will be packaged differently and come in a different form.

Are we that separate from Self that we cannot bear to be alone as we journey to find our own Consciousness? Can we not sit with ourselves for a little time and journey inwards to find our Truth before rushing out again to fill ourselves up?

Ultimately what is required to make a shift is gained through time spent in meditation or quiet contemplation and consciously processing what we discover inside of ourselves, in our own hearts and cellular memory of experience. Once this is accessed, the wisdom is gained, the pain is released and we are ready to step in to our Higher Consciousness. It sounds simple and yet so many of us seem to be held back from that access point – there may be a host of reasons for that but today I would like to discuss the subject of tagging and how this can play a part in preventing us from finding what’s holding us back, who we truly are and discovering that we are capable of creating heaven here on earth…

Tags, Implants and Targeted People

Over the course of my career as a healer I have seen (and removed) all manner of tags and implants in people’s bodies and energy fields of which I would describe as being “alien” in nature. Alien to the person’s own body and consciousness. Alien to the person’s original divine blueprint as God intended. They may or may not have been put there by ET races as they could just as easily have been put there by another human being either consciously or unconsciously and yes, sometimes this is done on behalf of an ET group.

Well that has really opened up the scope of this conversation hasn’t it…? however it is the reality of life on earth here at this time. It is a level of manipulation that exists but is not always acknowledged or understood, in fact often ignored because, well, we just don’t like to think of these things too much, do we?

I have come to understand that these tags and implants are placed in humans in order to get them to act or behave in certain ways specifically to achieve a desired result. This could be to keep them dumbed down and prevent them from awakening or to cap their awakening at a certain level. They are used for the purposes of mind control and to keep people locked in to various programmes of belief. Tags or implants are also used to make people become attracted to various negative behaviours or addictions which then opens them up to become a source for energy to be siphoned from and through their body.

Generally tags and implants are never supportive to our growth and expansion of consciousness and they absolutely are designed to impede our free will and choice.

It is my belief that many people who are depressed and suicidal have implants and tags (and sometimes spirit possessions too) that have allowed their vital life force to be siphoned out, thereby leaving them very depleted and struggling to raise life force of their own to find any happiness or joy in life. It is clear that a person going through chronic depression is not experiencing a high vibrational state of being so something untoward has happened to their spirit and life force as we were not designed to be this way. So this could be caused by external or internal factors however removing tags and implants can give the person enough of a “break” to begin to pick themselves up again providing that they are able to shift their mindset too. This can require breaking through a lifetime of belief systems and thought-forms in order to be clear enough to begin to take on one’s own personal power again. When a person has experienced a lot of abuse and felt like a victim or targeted person their whole life it can be hard to shift out of that mindset but it IS possible.

People can also become targeted individuals and this is often those who have been identified as “Starseeds” (although not all) or other “persons of interest”, usually so-called due to the particular genetics and DNA that they hold in their body. These people may experience interference in their day to day life that makes them feel unable to “be in this world” and this can lead to depression and states of fear which for example could ultimately lead to them being ineffective in their ability to “hold light” and activate others – which is a classic “soul purpose” for many starseeds and important enough to merit being tagged or implanted. Targetted people may also have been subjected to various MILAB or MKUltra programmes at some stage in their life and the tags operate like beacons or tracers so that the controllers can literally keep tabs on where these people are and what they are up to.

Another group of people that are tagged for their genetics are ET hybrids or walk-ins who are being used to “collect” or “funnel” other people, in order to supply large numbers of individuals to be siphoned and used as karmic repositories upon which the tagged person can superimpose large quantities of his/her own karma as well as that of the “group of beings” of which he/she is a part and is etherically connected to. These people are some of the well known speakers that we see heading up spiritual organisations and groups, on radio shows, on You Tube channels and presenting at spiritual festivals and conferences. Not all of course but this is where our personal discernment is required and our willingness to accept that not everything is as it first appears.

Generally these types of tagged people will have quite a large following and often a very devoted following. Their followers will become tagged themselves in order to “keep them in line” so that they will believe all or most of what is put forward to them and they will not question too much. If one of the followers does question something the response will be cleverly crafted as to suggest that the questioner has not yet developed themselves to an appropriate level to really understand what is being said – basically it is to make the person feel inadequate or to appear stupid. Subtle victimisation is a tactic often used within these groups and we can also see this clearly with many of the so-called “channelers” – some with very large followings all around the world.

This could defy belief, yes? It is hard to imagine that these spiritual teachers and speakers would do something like this right? But in actual fact it is part of another very large agenda, similar to the False Ascension Matrix of which we have spoken many times before. This is only slightly different and I am calling it The Starseed Trap or Starseed Matrix

The Starseed Trap

I have identified a particular “matrix” which exists at levels higher than that of the False Ascension Matrix. It is particularly to target those individuals whom we would identify as Starseeds - those who carry often very advanced DNA and cellular memory from lifetimes on other planetary systems and even from other Universes. They hold a specific mission or contract to assist others to wake up and many, when they come into their own power, may become great healers as they are able to hold a specific frequency space in which others (and themselves) may be healed. Yet other Starseeds are on a type of “reconnaissance mission”, here to pick up the pieces of earth’s hidden history and to unravel, correct and re-activate it, free from distortions and un-truths.

Many Starseeds on this planet have felt different – like they don’t really belong here, that people don’t understand them and they often struggle to understand why people behave so badly here. Ultimately deep within, they remember life on more evolved or Krystic planets where Unity Consciousness exists and is the reality, so coming to a place like our current Earth can feel very hard for them but when their time comes to wake up and they begin pulling the pieces of understanding together they begin to activate into their soul mission and purpose for being here. When fully activated and free they are powerful light beings, spiritual warriors and agents of change.

However, the dark agenda knows this and they don’t want this to occur. Activated Starseeds have the ability to wake up large numbers of people, almost by their mere presence in some respects, just by activated code exchange through connection. The dark agenda then, came up with a plan, just like they did when they created the False Ascension Matrix but this one, is to specifically target the 7D, 8D and 9D planes – specifically for Starseeds who have more DNA activated at those levels. As Starseeds often come in already activated through their soul level (4D/5D/6D) they won’t be stopped by the False Ascension Matrix so the Starseed Trap/Starseed Matrix is designed to stop them at the next level up. We knew 5D and 7D were hijacked but we hadn’t recognised perhaps that a whole reality matrix was waiting there to trap us at that next level. Some of us have had to fully engage with this matrix, go right into it, in order to recognise it and to understand how it works. We are the lucky ones who have also managed to extract ourselves from it, as it is a very sticky web indeed.

Certain tags or implants were acquired at birth and others have been placed into the consciousness field of Starseeds through participation with various Starseed/Ascension Groups, modalities, lightbody activations and treatments. Further tagging may have come through voice activation (listening to lectures and the spoken word), treatment meditations or activations which the receiver chooses to participate with consciously or unconsciously for example when listening to recordings in the sleep state.

Once tagged in this way the Starseed becomes much more susceptible to programmed belief systems and may often undergo a complete belief system restructing. They begin to believe that everything that is said to them via that group or modality is gospel and they will often become very isolated as to that being the only source of accurate information and that nothing much exists outside of that. (Similarities to cult mentality should be noted here). They begin to align to the same things that others in the group are experiencing and although this is a natural occurrence to some degree because cuckoo clocks resonate and tick tock together and women in a close group may sync their menses together – but in this Starseed example it is more extreme due to its nature by design.

When we enter groups like these we (unconsciously) enter an Agreement of Entrapment (at higher levels) and we consent to that by becoming a member or by following their work or modality but we are generally unaware that we have involved ourselves with Artificial Intelligence. The group consciousness field becomes a type of hive mind into which the leader or ET group responsible for holding that field may download their own consciousness with the intention that the Starseeds in that group begin to process the karma that is being downloaded. This is called karmic superimposition. We participate with this through consent even though we actually have no understanding of what it is that we are really participating with.

The beings that created that karma is not processing it for themselves, they are passing it on to others to do the work for them. This becomes a “group process” then, the Starseeds connected to that group field are held in a particular matrix or container and become almost like worker bees to get the clearing of many timelines done and all the while as they are diligently working away looking at inter-dimensional timelines of existence on other planetary systems and past lifetimes they do not realise that their energy is being siphoned and they become less and less able to see or release themselves from this Starseed Trap or connect to God Source. Whilst it is always stressed that our connection to God is our number one priority, Starseeds often feel so deeply connected to wanting to heal these other timelines and lifetimes that they can find themselves spending far too much time outside of their body processing parts of consciousness that are not even all theirs to deal with. When something is placed into the container to be dealt with like that the Starseeds who are connected and involved will all start taking pieces to work on – they may believe that it is an act of service or part of their mission work but in fact this is the trap and there is an element of unpurified ego in that too – the need to feel important and to work towards healing the planet and healing the whole, which is admirable if it is pure but often ends up looking like a distorted mess.

So many projects come through, so much is brought up to be looked at that it can keep a Starseed occupied for quite some time – not realising that all the while their energy is being siphoned and that is exactly what this matrix was designed to do. To keep people occupied – don’t look over there, look over here… They believe they are working on their own ascension but it is a trap – The Starseed Trap – it is designed to keep them slogging away and often feeling great misery as they do so. (They are told: that the exhaustion is a reflection of the great work they are doing because the negative agenda don’t want them doing this clearing work – they are programmed to accept this as part of their lot in life as Starseeds). They get to witness the deepest darkest places, abuses and atrocities, black holes and sticky goo and often they get stuck there. But there is no healing there. There is no ascension. What is allegedly cleared away is mostly held within the container of that matrix and regurgitated over and over again giving the Starseeds yet more and more to work through. There is no getting out of there unless you can extract yourself through your own connection to God.

The Starseed Trap is very effective at keeping Starseeds, well… trapped. It does exactly what it says it does but it does so using extremely sophisticated technology that uses all of the patterns of abuse that we have identified previously and are aware of but turned back upon it’s people in a hidden agenda. In the Starseed Trap we see the Dark Mother, victimisation and narcissism, Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism all cleverly disguised in reversal programmes that make members doubt themselves so that they continually give their power away to others who they believe know more than they do. Many of the females in leadership roles within these groups are operating Dark Mother reversals and are harvesting the energy of the group. From time to time, they share that their role is a self sacrificing one and that they are constantly attacked for the work they do, this in order to elicit an outpouring of love and support from their group which they gobble up with glee. This is a Service to Others Reversal strategy.

The Dark Mother’s story is one of victimisation and betrayal and follows with a plea of why can’t we all be nice to each other and support one another. This is set up to directly activate the victim programme in her followers and once again opens the door for karmic superimposition to take place and for siphoning to occur. Drama, drama, drama the Dark Mother loves it, she feeds on it…

Right there in that very choice to feel sad for her we consent to being there in that Trap until we begin to listen to our inner voice and connect with our own God Self who gently (or not so gently!) begins to reveal to us that once again we have been tricked.

Once we connect with our God Self – when our only authority is through our inner God Self – with no intermediaries and no other beings to guide us, THEN the implants and tags begin to clear away and drop off. When we no longer participate with the programmes instilled into us, they lose their power and hold over us. When we no longer participate with treatments and activation sessions we cease to be repeatedly and continually implanted and our true and authentic self begins to blossom and grow within us. When we question everything, the truth is always revealed and we get to see things as they really are and we can release ourselves from the Trap.

It can become almost difficult to have a conversation with someone who is still stuck in the Starseed Trap – even their languaging indicates the level of tagging and implantation at which they are still afflicted and it can be painful to witness somebody who is trapped but has no clue that they are. It is something that one really can’t see unless they are viewing it from the outside.

What can we do if we think we are tagged, implanted or stuck in a Starseed Trap?

I firmly believe that through the power that is within us that we can free ourselves from any of these matrixes or structures however in order to do that we have to feel our own power and know that we can do it. Some of the Starseeds that I have seen are in a very weakened state and they may not be able to do this for themselves initially so I would advise working with an energy healer who is an advanced Starseed and who has also managed to free himself or herself from the Starseed Trap/Matrix. Some people who offer removal of implants are running reversals themselves, let’s just say that they are part of the agenda, so choose a healer carefully and activate your full discernment in doing so. Just because they have a large following, doesn’t mean they are genuine or any better. If they are being used to tag and implant people they will generally be highly supported in that work…

Signs that we might have tags or implants:

  • When we feel we have been triggered to act in a certain way that is not our normal way of behaving;
  • when we find ourselves doing things and wondering why we just did that (kind of like we did it on automatic),
  • when we hear ourselves running a particular script automatically in our head that we didn’t think of for ourselves;
  • when we hear ourselves speaking continually (or often) about something that affected us from another dimension, lifetime or timeline that is still painful for us;
  • when we find ourselves feeling superior to others;
  • extreme duality programming activation (feeling like a victim or feeling sacrificed or crucified);
  • when we heavily defend our Starseed story or our suffering at the hands of ET interference.
  • These types of behaviours may all indicate tags or implants or at the very least that we are not in our own power and that we need to reclaim it.

As we come more and more into our own power – when we begin to know ourselves and what is truly in our heart – when we feel and know our connection with our inner God Self and Source then many of the tags or implants will naturally de-activate and drop off. If we no longer give them any power and don’t run their agenda they die off.

When we focus in to our Heart we can activate our heart’s intelligence and wisdom and bring ourselves back into a place of balance, peace and connection. The light that is within us is infinitely more powerful than anything that could attempt to contain us into a relatively small bandwidth of existence. Just as we have traversed the False Ascension Matrix to get to the next level, so we can also override the Starseed Trap as our true and ultimate destination is to be One with God. Our next level of consciousness expansion takes us into 10/11/12D levels – to Christ Consciousness - and we know that there will likely be some challenges to get there too, but we shall continue on – ever climbing that Spiritual Mountain until we reach and embody our true Avatar/God Self.

Until next time, connect in to your heart and stay in Truth.

With love

© 2016, Karen AnTara
All rights reserved
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    bookmarked!!, I love your web site!

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    My partner and I stumbled over here different page and thought I should check
    things out. I like what I see so now i'm following you.
    Look forward to looking over your web page repeatedly.

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    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for Starseed

  • Comment Link Karen Friday, 23 December 2016 07:43 posted by Karen

    Hi Ryan!
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. I'm so happy for you - that you have found your inner power and knowingness in this way. I truly believe we all have this ability and although it can certainly take us time and diligence to access it, we are the better for having persisted in our search for this truth.
    Blessings to you Ryan, keep in touch.

  • Comment Link Ryan Friday, 23 December 2016 07:06 posted by Ryan

    I thank you for this article! For the last couple weeks I have been lead to certain truths pertaining to implants and all types of tagging and chips (eventually leading me to this article). I was feeling as though I was a victim of MKULTRA or some form of mind control as a child. I’ve had this feeling since then that certain people around me knew something about me that they were not telling me! All the while in my gut I knew something was off, that something was existing with me essentially filtering out and or “siphoning” off ( as you put it) my light and my energy. Because us Starseeds and Higher Light Beings come with much more Light flowing to us than Earthbound folk, we are targeted at birth to become tagged and implanted. (Not that these Earthbound folk aren’t targeted as well.)

    Information was pouring into my experience about having an overlaid “filter” on my consciousness, much like this “false matrix” you talk about. I always perceived a massive block disabling my ability to reach into the Higher places during meditation. Eventually I was guided to go as deep as I could into meditation and boy was it intense, my body was shuddering and shaking and all of a sudden a massive blackness lifted out of me! I felt almost drunk for about an hour or two afterwards. After this I was told by my higher self this “entity” was with me since childhood! This same “entity” I used to have “nightmares” about! Talk about confirmation in this article! Anyway, I figured I’d share so others can see the truth within this article! Hopefully this helps also, MUCH LOVE!!

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    Thanks Lisa. Sorry your earlier comment didn't post. Hopefully we're corrected that problem now.

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