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In 2013 I decided to update my knowledge in the area of health and nutrition. It had been more than a decade since I’d completed my B. Sc Holistic Nutrition and as it was not a field that I had focused on too much over that time, an upgrade seemed to me to be a necessity.

I chose to study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition because their “integrative” approach appealed to me. I saw it as another way to bring mind, body and spirit together and this fitted in with my spiritual philosophy.

I don’t know anyone who has completed their training with IIN who didn’t come away with something positive to say about the course. It’s true that by the end of it some people knew that they positively didn’t want to become a health coach but through the process they had discovered what it was that they did want to do. I believe that everyone who does this course will be changed through the process and will have become more aware of what they individually need to work on to improve their health and their life. Whether you do this course to become a Health Coach or just for your own personal knowledge you will have some really great tools with which to improve your own health and life and also that of others.

The curriculum at IIN incorporates cutting-edge education from leading wellness experts such Joshua Rosenthal (the founder of IIN), Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Mark Hyman, Joe Cross, Mark Sisson, Dr Paul Epstein, David Wolfe, Joel Fuhrman, Deepak Chopra and many others, as well as offering comprehensive training in nutrition, coaching and business skills. Students are guided to transform their own lives first, and then towards working with clients.

As a student of IIN you will explore over 100 dietary theories, while being encouraged to question everything and go on your own journey. The underlying concept is bio-individuality, the idea that no one diet or lifestyle approach works for everyone so there is no preaching of any one dietary theory above others although you will find speakers and students that are passionate about the diet that works best for them!
The second half of the course centres on providing practical knowledge and support in running and marketing a successful health coaching business. Personally I didn’t enjoy this part of the course too much as business and marketing is not really my thing however I would say that what they teach is very comprehensive and up to date and would definitely give you all the tools you need to market your own business and get yourself seen in the public arena if that’s what you chose to do.

Training is all online and at your own pace, but it’s best not to get too far behind with the work as there are some deadlines that have to be adhered to but it is completely manageable if you schedule in to your diary allotted study dates and apply yourself to these with discipline.
This course is mostly for those who wish to educate people on healthy living and holistic lifestyle. If you want to diagnose people or prescribe treatments then this is not the course for you but if you are already qualified as a natural therapist then I do feel it would add to your skills beautifully as it will definitely give you some information and tools that I have personally found very lacking in the majority of nutritionist/herbalist/naturopath/homeopathic curriculums.

As an Ambassador of IIN I can often access some great discounts and savings for the people that I refer, so if you’re really interested to pursue this training let me know and I’ll see what’s on offer for you at the moment. If you do go ahead and register please mention my name (Karen AnTara) so that I can also receive some great offers on any training that I sign up for in the future too.

If you’d like to know more. Please don’t hesitate to contact me – let’s have a chat.
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Health and Blessings to you.

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