In person sessions are available at Karen's office in Avalon, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia.
Distant Healing Sessions are available over the phone or skype.  



Multidimensional Hypnotherapy 

Drawing upon her skills as a multidimensional energetic healer Karen has developed Multidimensional Hypnotherapy, which she feels is her most exciting achievement to date in regards to her abilities as a healer.

Using Multidimensional Hypnotherapy she is able to take her clients into an hypnotic state in which they are able to access other lifetimes and see for themselves how they have brought things through into this lifetime – sometimes to try to fix things and sometimes unknowingly as blocks and limitations.

In session work, Karen has assisted her clients to release bindings, karmic bonds and vows and contracts that were entered into in other lifetimes and that have had a major influence in this life. On top of that, through connecting directly with the sub-conscious mind of the client Karen is able to ask the body directly what is the root cause of the client's illness or limitation and then be guided as to where in the body the blockages exist and then clear them but not only that, Karen is also able to access blockages that exist in the layers of the lightbody.

Along  with being able to access information directly, Karen is also able to see and remove implants and extraneous energies that may have attached, in such a way that the client is able to have a much more interactive experience with their own healing process in a very grounded and practical way.

Value Exchange:

Multidimensional Hypnotherapy session - $350 

- for a single issue and a focused outcome.
- for a specific issue that has an energetic, karmic or past life root cause.

Transformation Package3 x  sessions - (AUD) $997

This package offers you absolutely the best and most successful outcome to your problem and is Karen's preferred way of working.

- allows for clearing of several layers of limiting and negative beliefs, to really get at the root cause of the problem and address it fully.  Includes unlimited email support throughout.  Access to private FB group.

Quantum Field Energy Work 
Karen is a Quantum Field Energy Worker.  Using her own unique gifts and talents she is able to read layers of your energy field and identify blocks, implants, mind control programmes, etheric weapons etc and remove what shouldn't be there.  She is able to trace the source of these implants, including layers of mind programming that have limited the client's ability to move forwards or reach their full potential and that in some cases has even held them trapped in consciousness at a particular dimensional level.

Karen has an organic healing ability that is on a level that technological advances can’t put into words yet.  It is really a level of quantum healing. She has the ability to see the lightbody in accurate formation in the moment and feel it and be able to recognise the layers and patterns on not just multidimensional levels but through all time and space and all interdimensional pockets.  Karen is an expert as to how it relates to the physical body and how it plays out in this physical reality.  Karen is able to access this information through her own DNA records as she has inner connections with all of the Founding Races that were responsible for putting the various species together here on this planet.  Karen is not a channel.  She accesses the information internally through her own knowing and does not engage the help of nor work with any guides, masters or other groups of consciousness.

Value Exchange: 

90 minute healing session - $200 


The Ultimate (Empowerment and Transformation) Package 

Unlimited Multidimensional Hypnotherapy sessions to deal with all the different issues that are uncovered through your process of Empowerment and Transformation PLUS regular coaching sessions and email support to assist you in the understanding and integration of the changes that will begin to occur as you move through this process PLUS energetic healing sessions if required to heal and clear the emotional body of energetic residue and karmic imprints of past painful experiences or trauma.

In this package, I basically hold your hand over the course of a 9 month period and support you through an individually tailored life changing experience.

Please email me if you would like further details of this absolutely amazing package.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment for all sessions is required within three days of setting an appointment time in order to secure your booking.

For short notice appointments, then payment must be made prior to the commencement of the session.

Payments are to be made by Bank Transfer (Australian residents only) or PayPal (please include an extra $10 to cover Paypal fees).

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