In person sessions are available at Karen's office in Avalon, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia.
Distant Healing Sessions are available over the phone or skype.  



Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Our sub-conscious mind holds all of our memories from both this lifetime and others.  Karen takes her client into a state of hypnosis where they are able to access their own sub-conscious mind to retrieve memories of scenes, places and events that have occurred and of which the client has been a part, that have contributed to building the beliefs, blocks or concerns, that the client currently has.

Whether the client is looking for further understanding of past life contracts and agreements (or wants to break them), why they feel limited and unable to reach new levels, why they feel they are being held back, or if are experiencing past life trauma or the PTSD that Starseeds commonly feel then Karen is able to help them access the understanding that they need to help them heal and move beyond that point.  Spiritual Hypnotherapy is also wonderful for clients who have emotional or physical issues which they feel have more of a spiritual or past life origin.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy is Karen's preferred method of working with clients now as she has found it to be far more effective than any other modality that she has come across thus far.  The expression "everything is within us" is an absolute truth in this respect as Karen guides the client to "open their mind" and find the information that they need for themselves.  She is highly skilled in supporing the client to access their own information and her clients are frequently amazed at just how easy it actually is for them to do that under her guidance.  In this way, it becomes a very real and believable experience for the client as the scenes and images that they uncover resonate as truth for them (as opposed to having a healer tell them what he/she saw and the client not quite knowing for sure if it is true).  The fascinating part of this process is that as real as the images are, they are not painful or traumatic in any way as the client is merely reviewing the scene, not reliving it.

Once the understanding of what really occurred has been revealed, then true healing can begin and Karen has found that working with clients in this way has created a deeper and more complete healing than what was previously available to them.

  • What's included in the price of a session?
  •  15 minutes FREE introductory conversation to discover what you want to address in your session and to find out whether Karen is the best person to help you with that;
  • the session (hypnosis induction, regression and the transformation) (1.5 hrs - 2 hrs)
  • personalised transformation audio recording to help to rewire positive new beliefs, embody new coding, reclaim your power etc (depending on what came up in the session).
  • 7 days after your session Karen will contact you to find out how you're getting on.
  • 21 days after the session Karen will talk with you again to assess your progress and discuss whether another session is required. (Most clients require only 1 session).
  • email support throughout.


90 minutes Spiritual Hypnotherapy session - $350 - addressing any issue (or group of related issues)

3 session "special price" package - $1100 (recommended for dealing with multiple concerns (or lifetimes) and to be completed within three month period)

Payment for all sessions is required within three days of setting an appointment time in order to secure your booking.
For short notice appointments, then payment must be made prior to the commencement of the session.

Payments are to be made by Bank Transfer (Australian residents only) or PayPal (please include an extra $10 to cover Paypal fees)



Spiritual Lightbody Healing

Karen is a Lightbody Technology Specialist.  Using her own unique gifts and talents she is able to read layers of your energy field and identify blocks, implants, etheric weapons etc and remove what shouldn't be there.  She is able to trace the source of these implants, including layers of mind programming that have limited the client's ability to move forwards or reach their full potential and that in some cases has even held them trapped in consciousness at a particular dimensional level.

Karen has an organic healing ability that is on a level that technilogical advances can’t put into words yet.  It is really a level of quantum healing. She has the ability to see the lightbody in accurate formation in the moment and feel it and be able to recognise the layers and patterns on not just multidimensional levels but through all time and space and all interdimensional pockets.  Karen is an expert as to how it relates to the physical body and how it plays out in this physical reality.  Karen is able to access this information through her own DNA records as she has inner connections with all of the Founding Races that were responsible for putting the various species together here on this planet.  Karen is not a channel.  She accesses the information internally through her own knowing and does not engage the help of nor work with any guides, masters or groups of consciousness.



90 minute healing session - $200 

Payment for all sessions is required within three days of setting an appointment time in order to secure your booking.

For short notice appointments, then payment must be made prior to the commencement of the session.

Payments are to be made by Bank Transfer (Australian residents only) or PayPal (please include an extra $10 to cover Paypal fees).

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