Thursday, 01 September 2016 10:21

Bringing a little Peace to the World

Today (1st September) here in Australia is the first day of Spring. I have woken to the most beautiful day. Warm, clear blue skies, not a breath of wind, birds singing.

I sat outside for my meditation this morning and then sat with a cup of tea and looked out over the tree tops towards the beach and the ocean and I felt blessed. My heart opened. I felt alive. I felt awake to all of the beauty that was in that view and I acknowledged that I am truly grateful for this life.

I thought of all the people whose morning was not as peaceful and in grace as my own had been. We cannot deny that there is so much suffering on this planet. Homeless, hungry and starving people. People in pain, tortured and helpless. People grieving loved ones, the loss of their homes, the loss of everything they have ever known.

… and then the people who are unhappy because they are burdened by debts, chained to a job they hate, in terrible relationships and tied to a life they don’t love because they feel it is not “enough”. Perhaps they are stuck in indecision about which car, item of clothing or holiday destination to choose next.

My Goodness, what a vast array of suffering exists here…

Does it need to be that way, I wonder?

Many of you who read this blog have heard that “we are the change we are waiting for” or that we are “here to help raise the consciousness on the planet”, but I ask you:

What are you doing about that?
Are you active in your role?
Are you playing your part?

It has been scientifically proven that through connecting with our heart and focusing on feelings such as peace, gratitude, caring, compassion… we can raise the vibration of our energy field/lightbody and the area that surrounds our body. It is measurable in a room where people gather together to focus and meditate upon these feelings. So just imagine what large numbers of us could do to raise the consciousness of this planet if we spent time each day nurturing these qualities within ourselves and carrying those feelings with us long after our meditation time has finished for that day.

Imagine if everyone who reads this post made a commitment to themselves that they would activate themselves in their role as a Light Worker and Bringer of Peace to this planet by taking time each day to focus in the way in this way. What a difference we could make…

Please share this with your friends, the more peace we can consistently generate from within our own hearts, the more peace we will witness in the world around us.

Thank you


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