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Lunar Eclipse - Sept 16th


How are you feeling today or over these last few days?

On Sept 16th we have a lunar eclipse in Pisces. It is bringing natural endings, a culmination of events and closure - with people/situations. If something is ending for you right now, don't fight it, its the right time to let it go.

This Friday and Saturday, try to take some time out to just be quiet and allows emotions from the past come up and be released - just let go. If you happen to catch what the emotions are that are releasing don't hold on to them and try to relive or analyse them, just let them run over you and wash away, like when you place your hand in a crystal clear stream and watch the water flowing passed.

Washing away old painful feelings and events, even releasing happy memories allows a space for new energies to come in. When we release happy memories, they are not forgotten but we are also not living clinging to past happy times, rather we are creating a place in our hearts to allow even more happiness to come in.

The process of letting go can feel very tiring - on all levels - and this will be amplified right now with these eclipse energies as the light coming on to the planet is interrupted for a time. This gives us the opportunity to recalibrate our body/consciousness. As we are released of the things that have felt heavy or held us back we become lighter and are able to reach for our next highest level.

Rest up if you can. Nurture your body with good food, uplifting music that you love, beauty and most importantly be at peace with your Self and others.


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