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No time to meditate?

“I don’t have time to meditate”… that is something that I hear all too often from people who come to me for a healing session because they are so overwhelmed and busy in their day to day life that they now live in a state of constant anxiety and stress. They know it is making them sick on the inside and they need to make some changes.

I ask them “Could you find just 5 or 10 minutes every day to sit quietly and just breathe and let go of everything else but your breath?” Often they say they just do not know where there will fit that in because they are so busy.

No time to meditate?

I wonder quietly to myself sometimes, if they would have time in their lives to be ill and not be able to work…?

If you knew that your life depended upon finding stillness and peace for 10 minutes each day… would you do it? would you find the time to sit quietly and just focus on your breath?

There is so much amazing research available now on how meditation supports our healing from so many serious illnesses like cancer, MS and other chronic illnesses, is it not also feasible that the thing that assists in our healing may also be heavily involved in the prevention of the very same illnesses?

“When people understand that cancer is caused by mental and emotional stress and by nothing else… 86% of all health conditions are related to stress” – Dr Leonard Coldwell

“The problem really is… what people don’t understand… the real cause of cancer is living in constant worries, doubts and fears, is living with lack of self love, lack of self esteem, lack of sense of self worth, of worthiness, or making a compromise against yourself on a daily basis, like going to a job that you cannot handle anymore. That is why most deadly heart attacks happen Monday morning between 8 and 9 o’clock when people get ready for a work week, for a job that they cannot handle any more and they literally would rather die than go one more time to that job. Literally”. – Dr Leonard Coldwell

That’s pretty amazing don’t you think? It’s something you may ponder as you sit quietly today and breathe deeply and calmly for 10 minutes… or are you too busy today?



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