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How to Manifest True Abundance

This article was published in In5D online magazine on 22 June 2018

(Originally titled: When kissing a Unicorn just won't cut it - How the Law of Attraction helped me to manifest nothing

Like many of us, I first watched The Secret when it came out in 2006. Based on my understanding at that time I started wishing for good things to come into my life. I wanted some creature comforts but mostly I wanted to be of service to others, to help people.

I didn’t particularly want to be rich – I simply wanted to magnetically attract the right amount of clients so that I could earn enough money to put food on the table. I wasn’t asking for the moon, just enough clients to get by.
I completely believed that just by saying this to the Universe that clients would magically appear on my doorstep – and they did. Not in abundance, but just enough.

I declared to the Universe that I didn’t want to be well known or famous. Actually I remember saying very clearly that I wanted to fly under the radar, to be almost invisible and I said this loudly and clearly.

Back then I was presenting at spiritual festivals and I had numerous opportunities to appear on psychic television shows but I turned them all down because of this desire to not be seen. I repeated these desires, and the Universe cooperated with me and soon enough the invitations stopped coming. I had effectively blocked them.

by Karen Turpin,
Guest writer,

For the past 25 years, Karen Turpin has worked as an energetic healer / etheric surgeon and ascension facilitator.  In 2017 she added a new element to her work – that of hypnotherapy.  A short time later, it became obvious to Karen that some clients need all her skills, and thus a new modality, Multi-Dimensional Hypnotherapy was born.

“I knew that pretty much every issue that my clients brought to me could be addressed at the level of the subconsciousness mind – so I set out to master a technique that would allow my clients to easily access past trauma. They would be able to see the decisions they made in the past which continue to have an impact on their life now.  It turned out to be a brilliant move, as I worked with more and more clients to resolve issues such as childhood trauma, weight loss, fear, and so on.

“But it only took me two weeks in my new career as a hypnotherapist to realise that I couldn’t leave behind 25 years of experience as an energy healer, psychic and medium, quite so easily.  I thought that as a hypnotherapist I could help people with their everyday stresses and strains, without having to explore their multi-dimensional selves. But it seems that the more clients I saw for hypnotherapy, the more my other skills were called for.

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Can you stay in the Eye of the Storm?

Can you stay in the Eye of the Storm?

Right now, the planet is awash with energies that can either help you ascend, or pull you back into lower consciousness.  Have YOU been pulled back into the matrix, or have you been able to stay in your centre?

Have you been caught up in the hysteria and fake news cycles relating to the new US President, or have you been a calm presence in the eye of the storm?  Are you noticing the change in energy, and realigning with that change, or are you hankering after a future that didn’t happen, and getting mad at the change that did happen?  The changing of the guard at the Whitehouse has created a massive change at a planetary level, but all is not what it appears to be.

(This article appeared in 8th December 2016)

What is your understanding of the 4D Astral Plane? Are you connected to it? If so, are you aware of its effects on you? Are you aware of the 5th dimension (5D), and what’s happening there?

If you’re on any form of ascension path and you’re not aware that 4D and 5D have been taken over by the “False Ascension Matrix” then you’re operating your body like a computer without virus protection.
And like most computers that have been hacked, you could risk losing not just your data, but your identity, your sense of self – and your future ability to incarnate into a human form. The False Ascension Matrix is not a new phenomenon, but not many know of it. And that means many human souls risk becoming lost within its black hole technology if they fail to awaken in time, if they are unable to see through its illusions and false claims.

The False Ascension Matrix is a gross manipulation of humanity and the earth fields.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016 16:32

Are you in The Starseed Trap?

You may already have heard that 5th and 7th densities of consciousness have been hijacked and that a False Ascension Matrix exists at 5D, but did you know that there’s another, stronger false reality matrix at the next level, just waiting to trap the unwary spiritual pilgrim on his or her journey home?

It’s almost impossible to tell you’re in the false matrix, when you’re in it. That’s because it all looks safe and familiar and reassuring from the inside. If someone does try to tell you that the group you are in has been corrupted, or that your energy is being used to fuel the Dark Agenda, you’re quite likely to dismiss the idea as ludicrous.

And yet this is where many of us unwittingly find ourselves.

We have been “tagged” (and “implanted”) as part of the dark forces’ agenda, and we don’t recognise that our free will has been eroded and we have stopped growing. These tags encourage us to join groups that have been hijacked, and stop us from leaving those groups. The tags stop us from thinking for ourselves, and encourage us to follow another, who we think must be wiser and smarter than ourselves.