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Greater Revealing equals Greater Healing

Becoming Conscious – June 2015 Newsletter

At certain times on our ascension journey we are required to “shift things up” in a really big way. Changing jobs, beginning/ending relationships, relocating – this comes up quite often. Some of us look forward to change and some of us dread it and do everything we can to avoid it, but there are some things that we really can’t avoid forever without there being some type of repercussion felt on some level and if this is your usual habit, of trying to avoid things, you may have been feeling the impact of recent astrological events quite intensely. We’ve had Mercury in retrograde, dragging up all that “unfinished business”, we’ve had Taurus asking us to be grounded and deal with things, Mars firing us into action and being assertive, dark moon Lilith pushing for us to look at and integrate all parts of our Self and Chiron in Pisces challenging us to look at our faith (or lack of faith) in ourselves”. So that’s some fairly intense times for all of us, I’d say and many of these astrological influences will be with us for a while, even through to November. As these alignments shift and change and come into conjunction with other planets there is a constant source of alchemical triggers available to us for our growth and transformation, that’s a good thing and when we can learn to go with this Universal flow we can let go of fear and hopefully, enjoy our transformation journey.

So because of this, many of us are conducting a type of “life review”. We have been having dreams of people we were once in relationships with, remembering things we have said and done in the past or running into old acquaintances in the street that trigger those memories. Things that we have been trying to ignore for a very long time might be re-surfacing now.

Some of these “trips down memory lane” have been deeply emotional – re-living the pain of love lost, a longing to see someone you care about deeply (whether they are alive or deceased) or perhaps wishing that things could have turned out differently in our life. These moments often show us where we still have unhealed trauma or pain and they may show us places in our life where we still have work to do and things to let go of – where we are still plugged in emotionally.

In many of these situations, we have left behind a part of ourselves (or a part of our consciousness) or a part may have been taken from us and this is true for this lifetime and other lifetimes too. If we have experienced pain and trauma in other lifetimes (or timelines) we can discover that parts of ourselves have never been reclaimed from that lifetimes and that is sometimes why we meet up with people now in this life that we “know” we have been with before. When we come together like this is it usually for the purposes of healing that timeline or at least providing an opportunity in which we may make better choices. There is often a very strong archetypal component to this too where someone may have been the victim or the orphan for example or they may have been repeatedly persecuted in the past, and they can begin to “re-live” some of those same old feelings and emotions now in this timeline that they had back then. With awareness they might be able to see that they are re-living a past timeline experience and be able to rise above it and now hold an observer/witness position in order that they can heal that experience, remove the trauma memory from their body and reclaim their power back from a timeline that may have left them unconsciously weak or vulnerable in some way.

Sometimes we see that when two people come together they slip back into the same familiar pattern and play out exactly the same role as they did last time. Sometimes they become completely stuck in an old timeline and we see no growth or expansion with those people and sometimes the abuse or persecution or whatever behaviour that occurred back then, begins to repeat itself once more, in effect causing even more damage and soul fragmentation. But other times, when one or both people involved are able to approach the situation from higher awareness, make different behaviour choices and hold a neutral space, we see that they can claim parts of their consciousness back and bring the relationship or timeline into completion, at which point there is a freedom for them to move on. A shift has occurred and the timeline can be collapsed. There is no need to re-visit this timeline again from an emotional level as the work has been done there and the learning received. Should one wish to look back over it again, there will be no emotional charge present just the wisdom gained through that experience.

It might be quite surprising then for some of us that have already done a lot of work on healing old timelines, to find that coming up again right now are some things that we haven’t thought of for years. We might have thought we were complete with these things however this life review seems to be presenting itself slightly differently this time around and we may be able to see a much bigger picture than we could previously. In actual fact this life review may reveal things to us that we didn’t even know were there. It is like as if the aperture on the camera lens or projector of our view of life has been opened and we are able to see, sense and know so much more. This is in part connected to how the membranes between dimensions have collapsed now and we have access to more and also how so much more hidden history is revealing now but also that with our more developed HSP skills and the ability to be a neutral witness to what is shown to us we find that “the field” actually opens up quite naturally and more information is revealed to us. This is possible because we are not going into fear and shutting it all down but equally we are not digging or searching for this information, it is just presented to us and is a completely different process compared to employing psychic or clairvoyant skills to try to “get” information.

From this “neutral space”, information is revealed to us and we are quite effortless in that moment of how it is revealed. This “extra” information that is now revealing adds, literally, a whole different dimension in terms of understanding the big picture and some of it is offering an almost surreal complexity to an agenda that we were previously completely unaware of. It can be quite shocking to our person to witness such things and we need to be kind and take care of ourselves as we absorb and integrate some of this new information. There may be some emotion involved, sadness, anger or disappointment or complete acceptance and understanding. With neutrality timelines can be healed and completed and our consciousness will be elevated through the process.

Some of the common themes that are revealing more deeply recently involve:

  • The level of manipulation to which we have been subjected in order for other people to have their needs met;
  • How certain bloodlines and genetic configurations are specifically targeted for interference; and how others are targeted for enslavement, victimisation, breeding programs, espionage etc.
  • The level to which alien abduction is happening on this planet;
  • Some of the symptoms/indications that are indicative of an abduction or visitation;
  • Realisation that parts of our consciousness are missing or stolen and that we have been spiritually oppressed;
  • That our body is being used as a portal of consciousness for another being to vampirise our life force; or that the person we are in a relationship with is not who they first appeared to be.

I am sorry, that some of these things may be shocking and may take some time to absorb and integrate into our understanding of how things truly are on this planet.

We are at a very important time on planet, where these things can no longer be hidden. There is a war on consciousness – the controllers are loosing their hold over our memories very quickly indeed now and this memory retrieval cannot be stopped but it can still have a great impact on our body and mind and it is therefore very necessary to care for ourselves gently through these processes of great revealing and great healing.

Since the end of November, early December, when Ophichius made its appearance in our Galactic Zodiac after eons of time of being hidden from us, everything started to change. As the planets aligned themselves to the natural flow of this Galactic Ascension Cycle, much of the alien machinery, static fields and frequency fences that had been put in place to try to stop the stellar and planetary frequencies from reaching our planet for humanity’s awakening, have been removed and the rate at which these “awakening frequencies” are hitting the planet right now are really unprecedented. This is good news for us although it also promises an intensification of almost every astrological movement or configuration that we come into now as we will be receiving the full and unfiltered power of these massive constellations in ways we have never experienced before.

So currently, we are being pushed by the Universe to look at and integrate ourselves on every level. Many of the things that we haven’t wanted to look at, to admit to ourselves, to believe or to accept are being thrown up in our face for us to see, process, absorb and integrate. If we have parts of ourselves that we have hidden away or disconnected ourselves from, perhaps through trauma, we might find that now is the time to search for those pieces and call them back to process and heal. Remember that 98% of our ascension process is about emotional healing and clearing. We might also discover that parts of our consciousness on other dimensional levels of existence have been stolen or usurped and that are being siphoned of energy and we can now reclaim those parts too. When we are done with reclaiming all of this we can become a fully integrated Christed/Krystic human and that is definitely part of the divine plan. It is what we came here to do.

Our process of integration will at some point require that we revisit our own thoughts, judgements and beliefs around certain things and we will be required to accept ourselves as we are in this moment. Even if we see ourselves as not slim enough, not young enough, not educated enough, not confident enough, in effect we must look at these pieces of ourselves and process and integrate them. Are we running a program of being the victim of our negative thoughts?

Do we see ourselves as unproductive, useless and insignificant? Do we see ourselves as valuable, inspiring and uplifting?

Unfortunately, what can occur at these times of personal integration is that instead of loving ourselves back into wholeness we begin to judge ourselves – finding fault with our choices, telling ourselves that we are not good enough or perhaps needing to be right, judging or blaming others – we can really give ourselves a beating if we are not awake and aware of what we are doing and we must recognise that when we go on this path that we are being controlled by our ego through inferior/superior thinking, we are no longer aligned with our higher spirit and we are missing this opportunity for personal growth and ascension. It is not our natural state to beat ourselves up with our words and thoughts – this is actually self abuse and this is really not something that our soul or oversoul would do to us, so therefore we must recognise in these moments, that it is our ego/lower self doing this to us. Our ego can behave like an unruly badmouthed teenager at times and it really must be reeled in. We cannot allow it’s destructive behaviour to continue any longer as for each abusive statement it throws at us, it becomes harder for us to align to our God Self.

We are not our thoughts.

Aligning to our higher self, soul, monad, Avatar Christ, God Self… this might sound so very far away from us, from where we are in our spiritual journey right now, however these states of embodiment are entirely possible for us to achieve. It is written in our DNA – this is what our bodies are designed to do, we are an alchemical vessel for Christ embodiment – but it doesn’t happen automatically and we have to work towards this and create it for ourselves as a physical reality.

Engaging in negative thoughts and behaviours that are self-destructive will not support us in our journey towards soul/monadic embodiment but practicing in kind, loving, compassionate and forgiving thoughts and behaviours will. Each time we choose the “krystic” path, each time we correct negative thinking or judgement or choose to behave in a better way, we are creating the building blocks and aligning to a particular way of being that allows the structure to be built within our own body that ultimately will house the Christ. As we build that correct energetic structure, our inner spirit begins to descend and cell-by-cell, atom-by-atom, we embody our living spirit, our own Inner Christos. Ascension is a biological process – an embodiment process – and it is our divine birthright.

Wishing you love and healing on your journey towards embodiment.
Until next time.


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