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Mind Bending

October 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious 

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Are you searching for something?

We all seem to be searching for something in life, or some meaning perhaps and yet, I wonder, how many of us really even know what it is that we’re searching for? And is it possible to find what we’re searching for when we don’t really know what we’re looking for?

Is it possible to end up at the right place even if we don’t know where we’re trying to get to?

In your deepest, darkest moments, that you can barely admit to, have you ever wondered if you are actually just on some spiritual wild goose-chase and that none of it really means anything? Have you ever wondered if this spiritual search you think you are on, this spiritual awakening that you think you’re having, is just another level of illusion within this Matrix?

And have you ever wondered if the only thing that is really happening to you, is that you are in fact losing your mind? Spiritual crisis is common.

Well, my personal experience has led me to the understanding that in order to find your Self you actually DO have to lose your mind. Not lose your mind to the extent that you have to be locked up for your own safety of course, but lose your mind just enough that through awareness you can begin to unravel all of the negative, disempowering and limiting programmes and beliefs that have been implanted into your sub conscious mind from the day you were born on this planet or even earlier and that includes many of the beliefs that you picked up on your spiritual path from books, workshops and certain subliminally contrived spiritual initiations.

If we could clear all those negative or limiting beliefs out and keep a hold of all the positive, life affirming and empowering programmes and beliefs and develop and build on those, then we might actually stand a chance of Becoming Conscious and being All That We Truly Are – Self-Realised.

Instead though, we all have issues that hold us back and limit us – some of us more than others admittedly – but even some of the really quite famous relatively high achieving people that I’ve known have issues that are clearly visible when one is not easily dazzled by their false light. It kind of puts us all on an even playing field in one respect and even though in this 3D reality some people do on the surface appear to have it all, we never really know what is going on, on the inside. Nothing can be hidden from the Divine and there is a price to pay for every choice we make in life. In one sense it is none of our business what happens next on another person’s karmic journey and appearances can be deceiving but we do know that many people’s souls do not rest easy at night as a direct connection to the choices they have made in life. When one has danced with the devil, there is no rest for that soul.

At the end of the day, we must only really ever focus on ourselves and on what we are doing, thinking, believing and becoming. We may influence another person (positively or negatively) but ultimately the choices they make in life are theirs alone and that is where their learning exists just as our learning exists in the choices we make.

Trying to influence a person in a direction that is for our personal gain will incur some karma and consciously implanting thoughts through projection takes this to a whole other level in breaking Universal Laws, but people do it often through subliminal programming and worse.

We can choose to act consciously or unconsciously and we can engage in life consciously or unconsciously. Most of us have no idea which mode we are running at any given point in the day. When we do anything in our day to day lives are we in conscious mode or unconscious mode and when our partner says something to us do we respond in conscious or unconscious mode. Do we react to what they say out of the habits and beliefs of our subconscious mind (that is generally programmed through things we have experienced in life) or do we respond from our conscious clear thinking mind because we are learning to create or re-wire a new habit in responding or we are trying to learn a new behaviour so that in the end, this becomes our new way of being, living and responding so that it gets successfully wired back into our subconscious mind and becomes our default mode. We have to pay attention to this 24/7 and be present in the moment.

This may be too mind bending to contemplate perhaps, but I feel it is necessary in order to: Know Thyself. You see we run so many unconscious programmes – we really do run on “automatic” much of the time. It is no surprise then, when things turn out the same way constantly – it’s like a train going round the same track over and over. We have to introduce a change if we want to see a change – kind of like putting a spanner in the works.

The more we can understand this, the more we can begin to see what needs to be done to move away from this automatrontype of behaviour.

Our Minds are incredibly powerful and thankfully we do still have a choice how we use them. We can use them for creation or for destruction but sadly most of us don’t even realise how destructive we actually are or have been either to ourselves or to others so this realisation needs to sink in first and can be quite shocking at times.

In the very early days of my spiritual awakening I remember having to look at all the “bad things I had said or done to people in my life”. Let’s be honest – we all have these – none of us are born as saints! I felt incredibly guilty at some things that came up for review – I felt guilty and I asked for forgiveness from the people I had hurt and from God/Universe. This is a very common experience as part of our awaking process and many people have come to me over the years to ask how to deal with the pain that they feel for the things they said or their actions that have hurt another person. We do the best we can in these situations, apologise where appropriate or try to make amends or hand it to God if that is the most appropriate and then we begin to walk on the path of accountability and self responsibility and we begin to learn that everything we say and do has repercussions somewhere in time and space. It may not only be in this lifetime that we have to say I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me. Some of these karmic debts stay with us for a long time but as we move forwards we strive to be a better person so that we no longer incur karmic burdens that will have to be dealt with at a later date or very soon.

I’ve noticed that time and space has changed now and often our karma comes around again at an incredibly fast speed. We could almost laugh at its’ speedy return if it wasn’t so serious a subject. I have witnessed the return of karma come literally instantly or overnight in some cases and it’s actually quite fascinating in the way that we are actually now able to see how we do indeed create our own reality. It’s not so easy for us to see if we are the ones hell bent on getting our needs met at whatever cost but an empath can feel their inner turmoil in a flash and let’s just say, it’s not a place I’d like to be, but that is their lesson not mine – I just happened to see it.

Ideally we want to be able to develop ourselves to the point that firstly we can see, sense and feel what comes back to us through our bad choices. Secondly, pre-empt what might come back to us if we make a particular choice and thirdly know for a fact that there is nothing on earth that would make you make that choice because you sure as heck know what will come back from that decision and it’s not a price you are willing to pay. Sometimes the price is just too high. Some things just cost too much of your truth, your integrity, your freedom and your Soul. Make a different choice and your Soul will love you for it!

So having moved through our own bad things, we also come across “bad things that were done or said to us”. These, I feel, are trickier to deal with because they have sometimes had a completely devastating effect upon us to the point that even though we know what we experienced, we don’t always understand the layers and layers of hurt and pain that have been laid down in our subconscious mind around that event. Sometimes just for our survival we have had to bury them so deep and we can even have told ourselves for twenty years or more that “I just want to forget that” or “I don’t want to remember anything about that”.

Because our minds are so powerful we can actually do that – we can do what we instruct ourselves to do – and then years later we wonder why we have no childhood memories or are surprised when something is uncovered and we get to see the full scope of our pain and trauma. The process of healing our past is rarely blissful and most usually painful and hence why this journey of self healing is not easy but it is vital if we are to find the freedom that our spirit craves.

When we can get to these really painful parts, uncover them and clear them out it can be truly transformational and it is only at that point that we begin to become the Architect in our own lives. It takes a bit of work to get there but when we do we see that Limitless Potential that actually is our divine birthright. We begin to get a sense of how awesomely powerful we are and almost anything becomes possible. Our creativity opens up, because it is our natural state and because we have released the blocks that impeded the flow, it can’t just not happen, it has to happen, just like water naturally flows down the hill, it just does.

When we are lucky enough to have done sufficient self healing to even just touch on the edge of this creativity, this space of “all possibility”, then it is so exciting to the senses that we can’t help but want to feel, sense and experience more of it. That might mean that we have to dig deeper but that’s ok. When we feel naturally inclined to keep going, to express ourselves more, perhaps to sit with ourselves more so that we can see what’s inside of us and what is possible for us, this takes us into a whole new level of self exploration, one that is free of dogma and programmed beliefs but that explores all that is divinely within us; one that naturally clears away anything that holds us back from being more of who we are on the inside and gives us that drive and natural impetus to want to dig deeper to get clearer and cleaner in our mind and body and as we do that, as we go through that process of cleansing and purifying, almost by accident and yet completely by design we become a vessel of truth and light, a vessel for the Divine.

And THAT is the magic…

Until next time, walk with love in your heart always…

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All rights reserved

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