Wednesday, 01 July 2015 13:29

The Energies of Change

Becoming Conscious – July 2015 Newsletter

When the energies are as extreme as they have been of late, it can been difficult to feel anything even close to grounded.

On top of that, “the system” has been pushing us to “keep in line” in a myriad of ways. Whether we have had to deal with the medical system, educational system, legal system or banking system, they all have their individual systems set up to make things anything but easy to make it through and survive down here. Alternatively we have come across “cheats” and have have to resort to entering the system at our own instigation in an attempt to get justice. Clearly these systems are not set up to support a Starseed whose role and mission here is to bring frequencies in and shift density and old structures of control. Navigating this very 3D route towards truth is very draining for us.

Becoming Conscious – June 2015 Newsletter

At certain times on our ascension journey we are required to “shift things up” in a really big way. Changing jobs, beginning/ending relationships, relocating – this comes up quite often. Some of us look forward to change and some of us dread it and do everything we can to avoid it, but there are some things that we really can’t avoid forever without there being some type of repercussion felt on some level and if this is your usual habit, of trying to avoid things, you may have been feeling the impact of recent astrological events quite intensely. We’ve had Mercury in retrograde, dragging up all that “unfinished business”, we’ve had Taurus asking us to be grounded and deal with things, Mars firing us into action and being assertive, dark moon Lilith pushing for us to look at and integrate all parts of our Self and Chiron in Pisces challenging us to look at our faith (or lack of faith) in ourselves”. So that’s some fairly intense times for all of us, I’d say and many of these astrological influences will be with us for a while, even through to November. As these alignments shift and change and come into conjunction with other planets there is a constant source of alchemical triggers available to us for our growth and transformation, that’s a good thing and when we can learn to go with this Universal flow we can let go of fear and hopefully, enjoy our transformation journey.

Thursday, 23 April 2015 13:19

Truth Hidden

Becoming Conscious April 2015 Newsletter

We are now setting off on our second rotation through the Galactic Zodiac. On 19th April we entered into Aries which is Stage 1 of this alchemical process that has been referred to as the Magnus Opus or Great Work. This “Great Work” has been attempted to be described, replicated and imitated through the ages by many mystics, occultists and sages but basically for our purposes of understanding what we are working on with this, is the internal and external processes that are required in order that we may discover our true inner spirit, the spirit that resides within us, and so that we may heal our separation and dis-ease and become One with the God Spirit whilst on earth in this physical body.

Thursday, 19 March 2015 13:08

March Madness

March 2015 Newsletter – Becoming Conscious 

We are now in the final stage of this current rotation through the Galactic Zodiac. We are in Pisces (stage 13) until April 18th and we will then move into Aries (Stage 1) and begin a new rotation. Whilst it might seem that in these final stages things should be winding down and settling a bit, quite the opposite seems to be happening as we are, in fact, gearing up and setting in place certain structures that will carry us through into the next cycle.

Just as we would prepare for Christmas, or any celebration dinner, there is much work to be done in the lead up to that date and energetically that is what we are undergoing in this time period, we are making preparations to be as ready as possible to begin a new time cycle.

Friday, 20 February 2015 12:36

Emerging from the Ashes

February 2015 Newsletter – Becoming Conscious 

After a forest fire, there is a period of time when everything looks bleak – even black. After the flames have lashed out and burnt everything in their path, there is a period of stillness. But all is not dead. Underground, deep within, there is a lot of work going on. Before long we can see green, the first signs of new growth. The grass, bushes and shrubs begin to grow, there are signs of life and before long the forest grows again. It completely restructures itself, creates itself anew. A new identity in the space where the old one used to be. Changed and yet the same. Improved upon, fresh and new.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015 12:27

Seeing beneath the Surface

Becoming Conscious – January 2015 Newsletter

Seeing beneath the Surface

With the new frequencies brought on to the planet through Ophichus last month (which I wrote about in my December newsletter), it is clear that we are in a completely new cycle of time. Many of us have visited into some really deep dark places within ourselves through December and the early part of January and some of us have struggled to stay centred and grounded during that time or have felt like we do not know ourselves or the people around us anymore – that everything has changed. Even our “who we are” seems to have slipped away and we almost have to create ourselves anew, something akin to a shamanic death or stripping away of the ego.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 12:17

The Energy of Ophiuchus

Becoming Conscious – December 2014 Newsletter

On the 30th November, we entered the sign of Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac, sometimes referred to as the missing sign of the zodiac. We are passing through this sign only for 19 days but my goodness what an impact it has had on some of us. As part of it’s alchemical process it has brought on those familiar symptoms of “ascension flu” – fatigue, sheer exhaustion sometimes, headaches, colds and shivers, fevers, aching body, in fact aching bones really as deep, deep cellular memories are being dragged up from within our DNA. I feel that this is all part of beginning to retrieve erased or hidden memories of our true origins and also planetary memory, earth’s hidden history. As well some of us have been feeling pain and irritation at the key points where crucifixion implants are inserted into our body and with the transmission of the energy coming through Ophiuchus it is also an intense time of polarity integration.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 12:10

Mental Fragmentation

Becoming Conscious November 2014 Newsletter

We are in a time when we are surrounded by much chaotic energy and for many people the potential for complete mental fragmentation and psychotic breakdown is very real. Some years ago we were given advance warning of this time approaching and we were advised to remove ourselves from being overly governed by the mental mind and to build a strong emotional and spiritual body and core. Emotional balance and spiritual connection were going to be vitally important to get through the difficult times ahead, we were told.

Becoming Conscious October 2014 Newsletter

Embracing our True and Authentic Self

It can be difficult sometimes for us to look at ourselves and honestly say that we are living our true and authentic self. Sometimes the pieces of the inauthentic are cleverly hidden and disguised to appear to be pieces that we have “chosen” for ourselves. We wear them so well and so habitually that we may be unaware that some of these pieces have been placed upon us without our consent and authority and even against our will sometimes.

So much in our present 3D world is programmed into our consciousness, in terms of how we must act and behave, what is expected of us within a family setting, in society or the workplace and even in personal and intimate relationships there is usually some kind of expectations that go along with these roles we play in life.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 11:46

The Stress of Collapsing Timelines

September 2014 Newsletter

We are just a few days passed the Autumn/Fall Equinox, stepping into springtime here in Australia and also moving through another period of timeline collapse and shifting octaves into higher vibrating time-fields.

For many of us, this is, once again, a time of endings and completions… changing jobs or training for a new one, packing up for a house move, de-cluttering and tying up loose ends are all a part of this. Alternatively we may have to work on upgrading… new phones or contracts, upgrading websites or hosting packages or painting and redecorating – different types of upgrading or refreshing around the home but all about shifting us forwards or into a new feeling vibration.

Thursday, 21 August 2014 11:42

Paying attention to energy flowing

August 2014 Newsletter

Recently I’ve been paying much more attention to where I put my energy and the outcome I get from it. I am in Energy Conservation Mode – choosing only to expend my energy on the things that are completely in alignment with my consciousness choices and I am training myself to be very focused in this – practicing focusing my mind, or being in control of my own mind really and not being distracted. For example, if I’m watching a movie – then I’m watching a movie. Not checking my emails or surfing the web on my laptop at the same time. If I’m taking my dog for a walk, then I’m walking and enjoying his company and engaging with his enjoyment of that walk. Not listening to music or lectures on my iPod at the same time. I don’t read things that pop up on my screen just for the sake of it anymore – I only read what I’m genuinely interested in, things that will increase my knowledge or understanding of something or that inspire me and bring me joy.

Saturday, 05 July 2014 11:38

Single Pointed Focus

June/July Newsletter

For those of us who are actively seeking out the Truth in all things, we may find that at this time we are being severely pushed in our ability to take on this flood of new information, assimilate it into our daily reality and still be able to hold our centre (and enjoy life) without our mind scattering into a million pieces. We are being bombarded with “the great reveal” and it is happening on a multitude of levels simultaneously. It’s way okay to admit that things are happening so fast that it makes your head spin – and if you are feeling this way, then it’s important to take some steps to integrate and re-balance yourself before moving forwards again or before looking for more or new information.

Saturday, 26 April 2014 11:32

Eyes Wide Shut

April 2014 Newsletter 

As the energies on planet are continuing to amplify with the position of various stellar bodies and astrological alignments, (such as the current Grand Cardinal Cross alignment*), we see more and more the effects of this time of bifurcation that we are moving through.

As mentioned before, those on an ascending path are experiencing more intensified opportunities for growth and awakening and those on a descending path are experiencing more intense periods of hardship, pain, confusion and opportunities for self destructive behaviour. In a strange way, we are all being treated fairly and equally with this amplified energetic support… we get to choose in which direction we will be propelled with greater speed. Some people will choose the path of spiritual growth and connection and others will choose the path of self-destruction and disconnection. This is the Universal Law of Free Will and Choice in action.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 11:28

Holding on to the Pieces of our Soul

March 2014 Newsletter 

As we move further into the bifurcation of time we are seeing more and more chaos all around us – people are acting out and clearly revealing the level of soul integration that they possess or in fact, do not possess. The breakdown that people are experiencing whether on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level is evidence of inner work not done and this can extend to many lifetimes beyond this current one. We are capable of healing all these parts of ourselves but it takes dedication and commitment and most importantly self-responsibility. Nobody can do this for us but we CAN do it for ourselves.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 11:22

Understanding Ourselves and Others

February 2014 Becoming Conscious Newsletter

For many of us 2014 has started with a series of ups and downs and stops and starts. Patience to learn right timing and to surrender to Divine Right Timing (DRT) seems to be a current theme for many people at the moment. There is always a time to act and a time to pause, observe and wait for further information in order to gain clarity around a situation before we make our move. When we are settled, open and clear the information comes through at the right time. If we push and try to control outcomes often it backfires and we end up with something that we didn’t quite want, dealing with things we didn’t envisage or in situations we would never have happily chosen for ourselves. The same applies if we are the ones being pushed by someone who wants to control an outcome. If we are not strong and clearly aligned we can be manipulated and cajoled to go along with things that aren’t right for us or are not supported by DRT and if this happens a lot for us, our lives can begin to look like a roller coaster ride. We can be pushed from pillar to post not really knowing where we are in all of this and feeling lost in our own life.

Tuesday, 07 January 2014 11:18

Building a Strong Foundation

January 2014 Newsletter 

Many of us are heading off into this new calendar year of 2014 feeling excited, inspired and optimistic about the future. We have our heads full of new ideas or exciting adventures that we intend to embark upon this year or perhaps a list of goals, target markets or a business plan and we’re rushing at top speed to get on with these things and make it all happen.

Sunday, 01 September 2013 11:11

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

September 2013 Newsletter 

Timeline split

As expected and predicted many of us are now beginning to feel and experience in our physical day to day lives, the timeline split that will create our individual life experiences and future timelines. This is the next phase of our planetary Ascension cycle and this timeline split is happening initially in the planetary collective energy fields, in trans-dimensional space and time but then, as always it filters down through into our personal energy field and affects our physical reality.

As the extremes of polarity in the planetary field are amplified and the split occurs we can see a type of pulling apart or complete separation between the higher and lower frequencies with an amplification of the higher frequencies and an amplification of the lower frequencies pulling in opposite directions. From the viewpoint of our personal energy field this means that those of us holding a higher frequency in our energy field will experience an amplification of that frequency and we will be supported and assisted (perhaps even pushed) to raise our frequency even higher through the spiralling movement of energy, while those of us whose frequency is quite low will experience an amplification of our frequency in a pattern that sends us spiralling downwards. This, again, is a natural process of how energy moves through space and time and another component of this is how these two energies appear to repel each other (as they split apart). In real terms this means that it may become even more uncomfortable (actually unbearable) to be with people or in places and spaces that carry the opposite energy to that of our own.

Friday, 29 July 2016 11:06

A matter of Timing and Alignment

August 2013 Newsletter

Towards the end of July we again moved into a new timeline due to certain astrological events and so it’s once again time for shifts and changes. These new timelines always bring windows of opportunity and there is always a specific “best” time to move in and out of places, spaces, situations and relationships, so this particular window is open right now for those who are ready and willing to make a shift and it allows for a smooth transition from one place or space to another. This specific window will close again towards the end of August at which time we will move into another timeline opportunity. Each of these particular timelines are supported energetically to create specific outcomes as they are impulsed and affected by astrological alignments as well as stellar and galactic frequencies and various movements of major influencing planetary bodies and force fields. Remember that we are in a cycle of ascension right now so these movements are always good but sometimes the energies are more supportive in one particular direction over another.

Monday, 29 July 2013 10:59

Calling it as it is

July 2013 Newsletter 

Many people are now standing at a crossroads in their ascension process. Some are feeling that this process is too difficult or too confronting. They know that much of what has been hidden previously has now been revealed (they’ve weathered that storm!) but they also suspect that there is so much more yet to come and for some that thought is just too overwhelming right now. They want to opt out and have a “normal” life.

We have witnessed some absolute horrors coming up to be seen. For example, genetic manipulation, child abuse hidden by the catholic church, weather manipulation and poisoning of our air via chemtrails, toxins in the food we eat, destruction of our water supplies through fracking and on and on. It has been confronting and emotionally painful for us to see the suffering that our brothers and sisters here on planet have endured through history and also we have felt the pain of the animal and mineral kingdoms and of Mother Earth herself. I know that a great many people are wondering if “pulling the plug” on their spiritual ascension process might be an option for them.

Sunday, 23 June 2013 10:53

True Lies

June 2013 Newsletter 

We are experiencing a period of increased electrical intensity due to various solar and geomantic storms, electrical peaks and astrological events such as the solstice energies and a great many people are feeling the full effects of this electrical intensity in their physical body with rather uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, heart palpitations, frazzled nerves and for some an inability to sleep or feel properly grounded.

When we are feeling this way, it is all too easy for the pressures of our day to day lives to completely overwhelm us, leading to an increase in feelings of sadness, nervous depression, breakdown or even suicidal thoughts. Quite a number of nervous/emotional breakdowns and sudden deaths have been brought into my awareness in recent weeks. These electrical impulses also have an effect on the heart too, high blood pressure, heart attacks and the like.

Thursday, 23 May 2013 10:47

Through the Eclipses and into Clarity

May 2013 Newsletter 

The lunar eclipse on 24/25th May closes out this most recent eclipse season. There have been many endings and closures in a very short period of time (since late April) and some were comfortable and some were not. Since the solar eclipse (9/5) we began to dream more deeply of the life we would like to have down here on this planet, dream of the way we would like things to be and many of us were able to tune in and begin to set things in place towards creating our dream and making it a reality.

Monday, 22 April 2013 10:41

Standing for Positive Change

April 2013 Newsletter 

Since the time of the equinox at the end of March abrupt changes have occurred in the lives of many people. These are generally very positive changes that take a little time to get used to but that offer us a glimpse into the exciting new world that is being created all around us.

Astrological forces are pushing the feminine aspects to the forefront to be noticed and claimed. Not just for the women but for men also as we are all working towards balancing the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves.

Friday, 01 March 2013 10:33

Powerful Forces at Play

March 2013 Newsletter 

Most recently, we have been witnessing a particular type of energy (archetype) running through the collective mind fields and that is one of the Tyrannical Ruler – dominating, controlling and with the focus of the male dominating the female. It has not affected everyone but there certainly has been an increase in the intensity of some of our relationships and interactions.

This is coming through as a specific attempt to cause disharmony between the sexes or disempowerment of another being and this of course is an energy that has been prevalent on this planet for eons of time.It is the force behind the enslavement, rape and abuse of women as well as the force that carries out barbaric female mutilation in Muslim countries. It is the force used to disempower the abused woman (or man) and it is the force behind which a husband can put so much fear into his wife that she feels powerless to leave him. This energy is the bully in the playground, the abusive boss and in many cases it runs through Government departments.

Friday, 22 February 2013 10:30

Reaching for New Levels

February 2013 Newsletter 

Dissolving timelines

On 14/2 we moved through a time intersection point and into a whole new time/space experience. The membranes that separate the timelines are dissolving and many of us are moving on to an ascending spiral of time. This opens us up to higher dimensional frequencies which need to be passed through our bodies into the planetary field and integrated which then makes it more accessible for the global population. Those of us who have a prototyping contract for these frequencies were very deeply affected by these new energies as much physical body recalibration has been required for this upgrade. Symptoms of this recalibration have included (but not limited to) dizziness, nausea, visual disturbance, headaches, muscle weakness and coordination problems.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 10:18

Breathing in the New Light

January 2013 Newsletter 

The energies on planet have changed profoundly in the last month and that has taken us into a totally new place in space and time. Clearly we have overridden the planned Armageddon timeline (because we're still here!) and indeed have gone far beyond that by anchoring the new frequencies of the Christ or Unity Consciousness.

Many of us have been feeling quite different about this year but this is a much deeper feeling than the standard new years’ resolutions and hopes for a new year. In fact we may feel as if we have been imbibed with the feelings of newness, positivity and inspiration – the air we are breathing seems to have a different quality to it and even the sun feels to have a different energy. It’s difficult to quantify this exactly… other than to say that these subtle changes all play their part in the overall changes we are beginning to see or sense on the external. As we continue through our ascension process we open up to greater and greater levels of awareness and these changes create a very real experience for us.

Thursday, 27 December 2012 10:10

Return to Inner Balance

December 2012 Newsletter

We have now passed the day upon which the Mayan Calendar ended and, at the time of writing, are in the final few hours of this three-day galactic window of alignment. As expected, many of us have felt these energies intensely as we have been the human acupuncture points to anchor this energy upon the planet. Others of us, appear to be unaffected by these energies at this point, as our bodies only take in the energies that we can cope with at any given time, so for some people further clearing and healing work is required before the body is ready to absorb more frequency.

Saturday, 24 November 2012 10:02

Choosing Ascension

November 2012 Newsletter

Gathering momentum

As momentum builds towards that notorious date in December (21/12/2012) we’re seeing a huge increase in the number of people choosing to wake up and take responsibility for their lives and become actively involved in their ascension process. It’s the biggest increase that we’ve seen for some time actually and it is really very exciting and encouraging to see this.

Currently the planetary energies are very supportive of this process and whilst, from my perspective, this December date really is not the “be all and end all” as I see supportive energies continuing up until at least 2016/2017, it has to be said though that for some people this energy “push” will begin to drop off a bit as time passes if they are still not engaging consciously with their process of evolution. It will become more difficult because the gap between those on an ascending spiral and those on a descending spiral will become larger.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:54

Unraveling the Mental Mind

October 2012 Newsletter

Current theme

Continuing the theme from last month of letting go and being in the moment we are seeing this play out more and more in the people around us and in our own lives. For the most part, life is moving at a very fast rate, sometimes we almost have to run to keep up with it and yet there must come a time when we ask ourselves – “how much longer can I sustain this pace?” Is it time to stop and take a look at your life and see what is pushing you…?

We’ve come to a point where we must learn to evaluate the situations that come into our lives and assess very quickly what is ours to deal with and what is not. We must learn to “know” when to expend our energy and when to conserve it and we must especially learn to recognise when someone or something is draining our energy. (For more experienced lightworkers we can even trace that back to it’s point of origin to discover “what’s behind it”, whether it is a parasitic being or a machine/technology used to siphon energy – and we can now clear it’s influence from our field through self empowered etheric surgery).

Saturday, 01 September 2012 09:51

Being in the Now

September 2012 Newsletter

There is a certain type of fluidity that is being experienced by many of us right now. Time is changing and it literally appears to be almost unstable at times. Something that usually takes hours to complete is finished in moments alternatively it may feel like you’ve just got started with something only to discover that several hours or most of the day has passed. It’s common recently it seems, to lose track of whole days or even weeks as we adjust to being in a completely different time/space field. Arrangements made many weeks in advance suddenly falter and fall away and something different slots into it’s place, so that we find ourselves in a completely different experience of the moment to the one we were expecting to find ourselves in – teaching us perhaps to get comfortable with letting go of expectations or outcomes and to “go with the flow”. It’s really as if we are being forced to live in the now moment as everything else is slipping away. If it’s not in alignment for you it will slip away as there doesn’t appear to be anything solid or concrete holding these things in place any more.

Thursday, 26 July 2012 09:47

What’s my role?

July 2012 newsletter

As many of us are aware, these current planetary energies can have a major impact upon us. Depending on our particular contract or mission, genetic and ancestral lineage and stage of ascension advancement these energies can affect us in a number of ways. Some of us are impacted very strongly on a physical level, developing a range of strange or difficult to diagnose symptoms or pain (and sometimes quite extreme pain) in the physical body while for others it can be felt more on an emotional level with mood swings and various states of emotional oversensitivity on a range of issues that seem unrelated or elusive to the person experiencing them.Some people feel mental and spiritual impacts and the remainder of us are impacted very deeply on all levels at the same time. We (collectively) are ascending humans and some of us are even the prototypes for new energetic templates or new consciousness architecture that is in its various stages of integration into the earth grids. Literally we are bringing the newest of energies through the physical human form for the first time ever on this planet and it can be challenging…

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 09:43

Dismantling the ego

June 2012 newsletter

As time marches on, many of us are experiencing a feeling of uncertainty about our future. This is not necessarily because what will be in our future will be unpleasant but more that it is a feeling of something “unknown” that is coming towards us.

At this time of ascension and for those actively walking this path, as we continue to raise our vibration it has become very clear to us that the “unknown” that is coming towards us is a vibration of which we are yet to experience in this lifetime. We may not remember this vibration in any form of conscious memory at all, however a part of us (that we may or may not have awareness of) knows this vibration and already exists at that higher state of being. It is this part, or “aspect of Self”, that we must embody and integrate in order to step up into our next level of consciousness and at this point it is helping to awaken us to the possibility that very soon we may be experiencing this embodiment in our physical form. So along with a feeling of uncertainty this can also bring a feeling of excitement, joy or positive anticipation and many of us are feeling this now.

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 09:38

Stretched to the limit

May 2012 Newsletter

In this month of May our skies have been particularly busy as we have had a number of very powerful solar flares as well as an annular solar eclipse aligned with the Pleiades, which has brought through an influx of cosmic and galactic energies. Add to this the annual electrical peak cycle and we were assured that things would feel energetically intense.

Through this 2012 year the time fields are speeding up increasingly as we move towards the centre of the alchemical spiral (like an ice skater spinning faster and faster with the more momentum that she gathers) and at the same time a splitting apart of the fields can also be seen, with those of us on the ascension path being moved along extremely quickly and those choosing not to ascend in this cycle being gently pulled back and slowed down (like the ice skater as she releases and slows from her spin).

Thursday, 26 April 2012 09:30

Wheels of Time

April 2012 newsletter

Shifting the load

There is lots of movement in the time fields right now as the breaking down of timelines and release of old systems and belief structures are being dislodged from the artificial constructs that were holding them together. These energies are in a type of desperate free fall and sometimes attempt to “cling” to something, rather than surrender back into God’s light or the void. This can be felt by the sensitive ones amongst us as something like pressure, stress, panic or fear. It is not necessarily ours to own, though it can feel quite personal at times.

March 2012 Newsletter

With so many things in our day to day lives that are specifically designed to distract us away from seeing the truth or knowing our true self, it is getting more and more challenging and at the same time more and more important to “keep your eye on the ball”. It is crucial to read the energy signature of the information coming your way. You can rest assured then, that the pieces of information you take into your field are the pieces that are really meant to be there. It may not make sense to you initially but in time, it will form part of the larger picture for you personally.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 09:13

All is Revealed

February 2012 Newsletter

Since the beginning of this year large amounts of fear have been releasing from the collective unconscious and many people have been experiencing feelings of uncertainty about what the future holds for them.

As we move further into 2012 the veils continue to lift and we get to see more of the layers that have held this perceived reality in place. What we can see quite clearly now is an extremely fragile system based predominantly on manipulation and control, greed and inequality. These systems are now breaking down.

Friday, 27 January 2012 09:10

Choosing Consciously

January 2012 Newsletter

With all the intensities of 2011 left behind many of us arrived in this most exciting year of 2012 full of hope, optimism and New Year’s resolutions… Hopefully you found time to rest and gather your strength over the holiday period because, as you are probably already well aware, January 2012 has kicked off at a great speed! This has been fuelled by several very intense solar flares, which have been causing geomagnetic storms strong enough to cause disruptions with electronic devices and our nervous system. According to Jason Major of Universe Today “The M8.7-class flare that erupted from the Sun early on Jan. 23 sent a huge wave of high-energy protons Earthward, creating the largest solar storm seen since 2005”. These energy protons can affect our physical bodies and when my physical body is feeling “smashed”, the very mental part of me finds it useful to have a reason for it so I felt somewhat appeased this week to discover this “reason” for feeling the intense pressure in my head, the “whizzing” feeling, the struggling to ground, dry mouth, hot flashes, exhaustion and heart palpitations that passed through my body periodically. Phew!! It felt like “the big squeeze” and then it released, then it would squeeze again – hmmm… rather like contractions … and here we go again, because there is just no escaping this spiritual birthing process that is 2012 and beyond!

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