Friday, 01 December 2017 17:04

The Ascension and Empowerment Gateway

December 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We are on the cusp of an amazing Gateway opportunity for our Empowerment.

If we remember back to 21st Dec 2012 it was the end of the Mayan Calender, and we had completed a 26,000-year cycle. What occurred next is that rather than jumping from one space to another instantly, we proceeded to go through a type of transition, or in between space, before really moving forwards again into the new time cycle. That transition time has been referred to as an Ascension Window. It was a window of opportunity really, a space in which we could make massive leaps and bounds with our growth and expansion and we were urged to really take that opportunity and make the most of the supportive energies that were still raining down on us from the galactic alignments of that time.

Saturday, 18 November 2017 11:00

In Between Spaces

November 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We have known for a long while that the earth would go through changes as it shifts from one-dimensional space into another and the same is true for us as humans living upon this planet.

As we move from one location in time and space, from one identity or aspect of Self into another there is always a period of time when we don’t quite know where we are, who we are and sometimes what on earth is supposed to happen next. When we have experienced a shift of consciousness within ourselves we often look at our life and ask: “Now what? What am I supposed to do next?”

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 13:19

Mind Bending

October 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious 

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Are you searching for something?

We all seem to be searching for something in life, or some meaning perhaps and yet, I wonder, how many of us really even know what it is that we’re searching for? And is it possible to find what we’re searching for when we don’t really know what we’re looking for?

Is it possible to end up at the right place even if we don’t know where we’re trying to get to?

In your deepest, darkest moments, that you can barely admit to, have you ever wondered if you are actually just on some spiritual wild goose-chase and that none of it really means anything? Have you ever wondered if this spiritual search you think you are on, this spiritual awakening that you think you’re having, is just another level of illusion within this Matrix?

And have you ever wondered if the only thing that is really happening to you, is that you are in fact losing your mind? Spiritual crisis is common.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 11:19

Finding Inner Peace

September 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We’ve had some heavy planetary influences of late and that has brought about a particular type of energetic intensity on a macro level. For many of us this energy caused a rippling of the micro or inner emotional landscape but for some people it was more like a storm surge, perhaps even hurricane force heavy full waves of emotional stuff surging up from deep within – intensely uncomfortable with deep painful memories being triggered and almost completely catastrophic for some people.

A series of very powerful solar flares was added in to the mix and this always causes some upset in the energy field of us sensitive ones. Emotional disturbance, heart palpitations, anxiety, migraines and sometimes a feeling of just being really uncomfortable in your own skin, as if you want to get away from your own life but you can’t identify what it is that is so bad that you need to get away from because the intense uncomfortableness feels almost unbearably confusing when you can’t find a root cause for it. This is a classic sign of “being fried by EMF” (electro magnetic frequencies) - a very similar to feeling psychic burnout.

Monday, 31 July 2017 17:05

July 2017 Newsletter

Please accept my apologies.  Due to travel overseas and illness I have not been able to produce a newsletter this month.




Friday, 18 August 2017 11:41

The Power Within Us

August 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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When we first come on to the planet as a tiny baby we believe that everything is available to us because surely, that is the way that the Universe set things up for us?

We’ve come from a place of limitless potential and absolute abundance and even though we may have “chosen” to come here and have soul contracts to fulfil, for the most part we don’t remember that. It can come as quite a shock to us that not everything is perfect here and sadly not every baby gets it’s needs met. Some don’t even get their most basic needs met. In our sub-conscious mind all of those feelings and experiences are recorded in minute detail. Every moment of life, every thing we ever see, hear or feel is recorded from this lifetime and from all of our others too.

Saturday, 17 June 2017 20:26

Life Changing

June 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Many of us can feel that our lives are changing and there is without doubt a consciousness change that is happening all over the world. There is an uprising of the people on many levels as they push for changes to be made that affect all of us, the whole collective. We can see more of what is really taking place via the alternative media – that people are fighting for their rights and freedom of choice, whereas the mainstream media would prefer us to not notice that this is taking place at all. When the viewer is fed the same types of re-cycled information again and again, they are lulled into a type of acceptance that this is how things are – it becomes all very mind numbing and is part of a control agenda, however in contrast, if a viewer becomes inspired by what he sees an uprising occurs within him that makes him want to stand up and fight against tyrannical control (and find the freedom of his spirit whether he consciously realises that or not). Inherently we all want to live a better life and live in a safer more peaceful world. What our spirit craves is the freedom to express itself, to be free of bondage, to think for itself and to actually be free of mind enough to be able to access our own unique and creative thoughts and inspiration... but when we are lulled and put to sleep by the drone of a negative world, this spirit within us kind of dies to a degree and we forget how awesome and amazing we actually are. Life becomes very mundane and we just do what we need to, to survive.

May 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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The energies on planet continue to change and evolve and in recent months we have been experiencing some extremely intense New Waves of Light Consciousness entering the earth fields. These light infusions have pushed many of us to dig deep and cast out the old stuff in order to be more available to the new. It may have been a time of inner turmoil but at the same time inner growth.

Monday, 24 April 2017 07:29

Choosing to Change our Mind

April 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Our minds are incredibly powerful. In a sense we could say that God’s gift to each of us is our amazing and limitless mind. With our mind we can create our reality and even when life throws us a curved ball and we find ourselves in a set of circumstances that “happened to us” or that we feel we have no control over, still, through the power of our mind we can choose how we will perceive and process these circumstances and what type of effect they will have upon us going forwards.

Saturday, 18 March 2017 17:11

Spiritual Crossroads

March 2017 Newsletter

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In terms of our human consciousness evolution on this planet, we have come to a type of spiritual crossroads. Our future depends upon the choices we make and this has always been true but never before has it been so vitally important in terms of our personal and collective evolution.

A great many people are (energetically) gathered together at this crossroads now and they are quite unsure which road to take next. They are also mostly unaware of the sheer number of people that are surrounding them and who find themselves in exactly the same position, as there is a feeling of separation in this space. We might ask ourselves: is this by design?

Whether these people are spiritually interested or not, regardless, everyone will at some point be invited to go inwards to feel or hear what their heart needs them to know and so for many of us again, this year, offers us that opportunity like never before and actually with some urgency. Many people have dabbled with the path of self-discovery but not so many have committed themselves to it, possibly through fear that their life would have to change if they discovered their own truth or perhaps because they just know that they will have to leave some things behind as they step forwards on their soul’s mission.

Thursday, 02 February 2017 15:22

Seeing The Bigger Picture

February 2017 Newsletter

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We have moved into a new time cycle now and the difference in the energies on planet are palpable. This is so much more than just starting a “New Year” and those of us who are sensitive to energies can feel and we know that new, higher frequencies are flooding on to the planet now, making subtle and not so subtle changes all around us. Some of these new frequencies may feel uncomfortable as they push their way into the physical to be embodied and integrated and as part of our awakening process requires that our consciousness be expanded and our perception shifted to a higher level then it is not surprising that we are seeing such a huge diversity of opinion within the masses.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 16:36

A Year of Many Changes

January 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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As we step into 2017 – a new time cycle is beginning. 2017 is a number 1 year, so there will be lots of fresh new beginnings available to us and as the planets have aligned to propel us forwards it might finally be the time we’ve been waiting for to branch out with our creativity, get new projects off the ground or make some really important changes in our lives.

With Chiron in Pisces and a Cancer moon happening on 12th January we might feel emotional and sensitive towards the end of the first week of January and into the second week, but rather than feeling like a victim of our past, these new energies are encouraging us to step forward with courage and conviction and move towards creating the life that we really want – the one that is more aligned to our True Self. Full moons bring completions, so there may be a sense of letting go of something… this could perhaps be an old part of yourself that is no longer aligned if your intention now is to strive to reach your highest potential.

Friday, 16 December 2016 19:55

Completion Time

December 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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For many people this year of 2016 has been one of the most challenging. Being a 9-year, it has been a year of endings and completions. These can be viewed as both positive and negative depending upon from where you view it. There are (at least) two sides to every story and even when it first appears that we got the raw end of the deal on something, all is not necessarily lost because there is learning to be had in every situation in life. Whether we look for the positives or only see the negatives that is our choice but the choice we make dictates what we will experience next, how long it will take us to come back into balance after such events and also how prepared we are to deal with anything that comes at us in the future.

Friday, 11 November 2016 12:12

Through the Looking Glass

November 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Where we are right now

We can all clearly see that it is an extremely chaotic time on planet right now and when everything around us feels so unstable like this we should be mindful to keep ourselves as centered and grounded as we can. We must protect ourselves from getting sucked into a vortex of darkness, despair, anger or any of these vibrations that we intuitively know are not in our best interests. This is a perfect time to focus with gratitude and appreciation on the things that we have in our lives that bring us joy and happiness or perhaps focus on the beauty that is around us. No matter how small it is let us be grateful for what we do have, as others are not so fortunate.

Saturday, 01 October 2016 13:16

The Starseed Trap

also known as The Starseed Matrix

October 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We are coming into a time of a quite dramatic change of energy. The new moon Sept 30/Oct 1 brings a lovely fresh energy after the heaviness of the recent eclipses and the recalibration of energy that takes place with eclipses should have been integrated enough by now so that we are ready to move on again, although in truth this integration will continue for many months. We could say that the theme coming up is “action” – Jupiter/Mars is also helping us at this time, to move forwards with projects and get things done so it is a great time to get on with new projects or really with anything that requires a shifting up of energy or a changing of the status quo. It’s as if we are awakening from a slumber and seeing things with new eyes, such have been the revelations of late. These new energies coming in are all very positive, progressive, uplifting and really freeing.

Thursday, 08 September 2016 09:53

Inner to Outer - A New World Emerging

September 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Over the last six months since the time of the March eclipses, we have been in a period of accelerated ascension. If we choose and are not stuck in old patterns of behaving and believing, then anything that is of the old 3D timeline, false light and distorted teachings of the “new age” is simply falling away from us. There is a natural ordering process occurring where we lose interest in what no longer resonates or serves our growth and we migrate to a different location or even join up with a different group of souls with whom to continue our journey.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 14:36

Revolving Doors

August 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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When we look out at the world from the comfort of our own home we can see that things are changing out there. Some very unsettling things are happening but sometimes we might feel that they don’t really affect us too much as very few of us truly understand the meaning of “We are all one” - that what affects one of us affects all of us. In some ways we are force-fed the imagery that we see through the media and it can make us rather numb as to what is really happening to our human brothers and sisters. Indeed also to the animals that inhabit this planet with us.

Saturday, 16 July 2016 14:43

Setting a New Course

July 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

Listen to the audio version of this newsletter here

New energies coming in

The shift from June to July was so intense for some of us that it was completely palpable. There was no subtlety at all with the frequencies that came in – they were specifically purposed to help shift our consciousness. These energies seemed to come in as laser focused plasma waves and almost overnight the energy on planet shifted. Many of us could feel this light frequency penetrating into our third eye area, reconfiguring our perception of what is real, valuable and important to us and then recalibrating our brain and thought processes to reflect that. We were feeling pushed, squeezed, stretched in all directions to further the molding and shaping of who we are to become.

Friday, 03 June 2016 14:39

Truth is Found Within

June 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

The audio version is available here.

Some time ago I made a commitment to deepen my spiritual practice. I had been feeling very stressed internally but I had been unable to source specifically where the stress was coming from, so as a long term meditator the natural thing for me to do was to increase my practice of going inwards in order to bring awareness to this stress, for greater understanding. I have always believed that all of the answers are within us, so obviously that was where I needed to go to find my answers.

Monday, 09 May 2016 14:33

The Bubble has Burst

May 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

The audio version of this newsletter is here.

On this very day of May 9th, as I prepare this latest newsletter to be released we are experiencing a Mercury Transit. The timing of this, is a synchronicity not lost on me as Truth and Transparency are so very dear to my heart, so we move forwards now with the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth…

Wednesday, 20 April 2016 14:27

From Chaos to Grace

Becoming Conscious Newsletter for April 2016

To listen to the audio version of this newsletter please click here

Life can be something of a balancing act. Inner balance, peace and harmony would be a wonderful place to reside on a day-to-day basis. From this place we might expect abundance, joy, wisdom and love to be present and that together this might all contribute to overall health of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This is completely achievable. Approached in the correct manner everyone is capable of this, nay we are designed for this, this is what it would look like – “as God intended”. Unfortunately, many of us are out of balance and have come a long way away from this. It is time to address this now…

Tuesday, 01 March 2016 14:22

Breakthrough or Breakdown

March 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

Audio version of this newsletter is here.

Finding Peace and Balance

On 9th March, a full solar eclipse occurred in Pisces. We are moving towards the equinox on 21st March and then a lunar eclipse in Libra on 23rd March. This is shaping up to be a pretty powerful month and with powerful often comes intense and overwhelming emotions so anything that we can do to be calm and stable right now will be helpful to us as these astrological movements do their part to help us to heal, clear and strengthen ourselves on an internal level.

Thursday, 18 February 2016 14:15

Transforming our Relationships

Becoming Conscious Newsletter for February 2016

In recent times, we are becoming aware of so much of what has been hidden from us on planet and it is hardly surprising that we come across people who just do not want to hear the truth of such things. To be able to listen and face up to the truth one must be strong, resilient and stable as the potential always exists that we may come across information that will change our view of the world and shatter all the illusions upon which we have based our life. It is always difficult to be the bearer of such information and yet, is it the right thing to do to keep it hidden and perpetuate a lie?

Tuesday, 20 January 0201 14:10


January 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

Passing through Sagittarius

We have just completed our transit through Sagittarius and it has been a tough month for a lot of people as many holiday seasons tend to be but if we have any of our attention on our ascension process and are reading the signs we will know that Sagittarius brought us energetically into an alchemical process of incineration and resurrection.

As part of our awakening and ascension process, it is necessary to clear and purify the negative ego and it’s behaviour patterns. A strong negative ego will always keep energy impulses active in the lower three chakras and when we are constantly pulled down into resonance with these chakras we must acknowledge that we are being governed by our base desires – sex, power, money, safety, security. When we allow ourselves to act upon these base desires without correct discernment of their quality, our self-awareness diminishes and we may become in collaboration with the spiritual forces that govern these desires. Lust, Vengeance, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Laziness and Self Importance are all qualities of the predator force and if we are harbouring these qualities (of Imposter Spirits) within us it creates a severe limitation in our ability to expand and awaken the high dimensional chakras.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 13:56

Consciousness Rescue Mission

November/December 2015 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

On 30th November we moved into the sign of Ophichuis, where we will stay until 17 December. Ophichuis came into awareness for many of us for the first time last November and I wrote at length about that in my December 2014 Newsletter called The Energy of Ophiuchus. Here we are again with Ophichuis for company and it has lost none of it’s impact, putting some of us through some testing and challenging times and for many who have had private sessions with me during this time it has brought through a specific focus on opening up to be all that they truly are, supporting them to move towards reaching their highest potential and moving them away from being the victim in their own life (as appropriate for each individual of course).

As I write this, we’re nearly through this Ophichuis phase now, so this will be a relief for some of us who have been having an extra hard workout at the hands of Ophichuis recently.

Monday, 26 October 2015 13:50

Locking down the Field

Becoming Conscious newsletter for October 2015

At this time of bifurcation and knowing that we are experiencing a complete dimensional shift, anyone awake and aware would guess that we would be likely to experience some chaos as we proceed through this particular time and space. So we expected something, but we didn’t exactly know how it would play out and what it would look like or what extra pieces (eg Artificial Intelligence) would be thrown into the landscape or added for extra spice.

Saturday, 12 September 2015 13:43

Hidden Agendas

September 2015 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

Many of us have been experiencing a very strange sensation through this last 60 to 90 day time period. It’s difficult to describe in exact terms but it has felt as if we are in limbo or in transition from one place to another. Many people have been having very vivid dreams of being in airports waiting to travel somewhere, searching through alleyways or corridors to find the right place or searching for a particular item that they just can’t quite describe or therefore find. Some of us have been feeling very disconnected from life, as if it is all passing us by and we are wondering what we are supposed to do next. We may be feeling as if we have lost a part of ourselves somewhere and just want to run away to a better place. Some of us have had all of these feelings all at the same time and it’s fair to say that this classifies as “an intense time lately” – as if I have never said THAT before!

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 13:36

Knowing your own Mind

Becoming Conscious – August 2015 Newsletter

Since the time of Ophichius (last Nov/Dec) when the Universal Gates opened the intensity and frequency of the plasma waves coming on to the planet have been increasing on almost a monthly basis. This increasing intensity will continue for quite some time to come and probably for at least the next couple of years into 2017. We were forewarned of this… “to get one’s spiritual house in order to withstand some times of intensity”. There is a war over consciousness raging on this planet so therefore taking control of our own thought processes, staying out of automatron** behaviour, knowing where our thoughts come from, being conscious to stay out of fear and actively developing our consciousness through our connection to God Source are all required in our daily practice for Self Sovereignty and Freedom.

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 13:29

The Energies of Change

Becoming Conscious – July 2015 Newsletter

When the energies are as extreme as they have been of late, it can been difficult to feel anything even close to grounded.

On top of that, “the system” has been pushing us to “keep in line” in a myriad of ways. Whether we have had to deal with the medical system, educational system, legal system or banking system, they all have their individual systems set up to make things anything but easy to make it through and survive down here. Alternatively we have come across “cheats” and have have to resort to entering the system at our own instigation in an attempt to get justice. Clearly these systems are not set up to support a Starseed whose role and mission here is to bring frequencies in and shift density and old structures of control. Navigating this very 3D route towards truth is very draining for us.

Becoming Conscious – June 2015 Newsletter

At certain times on our ascension journey we are required to “shift things up” in a really big way. Changing jobs, beginning/ending relationships, relocating – this comes up quite often. Some of us look forward to change and some of us dread it and do everything we can to avoid it, but there are some things that we really can’t avoid forever without there being some type of repercussion felt on some level and if this is your usual habit, of trying to avoid things, you may have been feeling the impact of recent astrological events quite intensely. We’ve had Mercury in retrograde, dragging up all that “unfinished business”, we’ve had Taurus asking us to be grounded and deal with things, Mars firing us into action and being assertive, dark moon Lilith pushing for us to look at and integrate all parts of our Self and Chiron in Pisces challenging us to look at our faith (or lack of faith) in ourselves”. So that’s some fairly intense times for all of us, I’d say and many of these astrological influences will be with us for a while, even through to November. As these alignments shift and change and come into conjunction with other planets there is a constant source of alchemical triggers available to us for our growth and transformation, that’s a good thing and when we can learn to go with this Universal flow we can let go of fear and hopefully, enjoy our transformation journey.

Thursday, 23 April 2015 13:19

Truth Hidden

Becoming Conscious April 2015 Newsletter

We are now setting off on our second rotation through the Galactic Zodiac. On 19th April we entered into Aries which is Stage 1 of this alchemical process that has been referred to as the Magnus Opus or Great Work. This “Great Work” has been attempted to be described, replicated and imitated through the ages by many mystics, occultists and sages but basically for our purposes of understanding what we are working on with this, is the internal and external processes that are required in order that we may discover our true inner spirit, the spirit that resides within us, and so that we may heal our separation and dis-ease and become One with the God Spirit whilst on earth in this physical body.

Thursday, 19 March 2015 13:08

March Madness

March 2015 Newsletter – Becoming Conscious 

We are now in the final stage of this current rotation through the Galactic Zodiac. We are in Pisces (stage 13) until April 18th and we will then move into Aries (Stage 1) and begin a new rotation. Whilst it might seem that in these final stages things should be winding down and settling a bit, quite the opposite seems to be happening as we are, in fact, gearing up and setting in place certain structures that will carry us through into the next cycle.

Just as we would prepare for Christmas, or any celebration dinner, there is much work to be done in the lead up to that date and energetically that is what we are undergoing in this time period, we are making preparations to be as ready as possible to begin a new time cycle.

Friday, 20 February 2015 12:36

Emerging from the Ashes

February 2015 Newsletter – Becoming Conscious 

After a forest fire, there is a period of time when everything looks bleak – even black. After the flames have lashed out and burnt everything in their path, there is a period of stillness. But all is not dead. Underground, deep within, there is a lot of work going on. Before long we can see green, the first signs of new growth. The grass, bushes and shrubs begin to grow, there are signs of life and before long the forest grows again. It completely restructures itself, creates itself anew. A new identity in the space where the old one used to be. Changed and yet the same. Improved upon, fresh and new.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015 12:27

Seeing beneath the Surface

Becoming Conscious – January 2015 Newsletter

Seeing beneath the Surface

With the new frequencies brought on to the planet through Ophichus last month (which I wrote about in my December newsletter), it is clear that we are in a completely new cycle of time. Many of us have visited into some really deep dark places within ourselves through December and the early part of January and some of us have struggled to stay centred and grounded during that time or have felt like we do not know ourselves or the people around us anymore – that everything has changed. Even our “who we are” seems to have slipped away and we almost have to create ourselves anew, something akin to a shamanic death or stripping away of the ego.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 12:17

The Energy of Ophiuchus

Becoming Conscious – December 2014 Newsletter

On the 30th November, we entered the sign of Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac, sometimes referred to as the missing sign of the zodiac. We are passing through this sign only for 19 days but my goodness what an impact it has had on some of us. As part of it’s alchemical process it has brought on those familiar symptoms of “ascension flu” – fatigue, sheer exhaustion sometimes, headaches, colds and shivers, fevers, aching body, in fact aching bones really as deep, deep cellular memories are being dragged up from within our DNA. I feel that this is all part of beginning to retrieve erased or hidden memories of our true origins and also planetary memory, earth’s hidden history. As well some of us have been feeling pain and irritation at the key points where crucifixion implants are inserted into our body and with the transmission of the energy coming through Ophiuchus it is also an intense time of polarity integration.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014 12:10

Mental Fragmentation

Becoming Conscious November 2014 Newsletter

We are in a time when we are surrounded by much chaotic energy and for many people the potential for complete mental fragmentation and psychotic breakdown is very real. Some years ago we were given advance warning of this time approaching and we were advised to remove ourselves from being overly governed by the mental mind and to build a strong emotional and spiritual body and core. Emotional balance and spiritual connection were going to be vitally important to get through the difficult times ahead, we were told.

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