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Back to basics meditation process for the stressed person or the un-tamed mind

I’ve been meditating for at least 25 years and teaching it for 18 of those but from time to time life gets busy and I kind of get pushed off track a bit too. Generally, even if we have a regular meditation practice, I’ve found that if we are moving house, having visitors staying, holiday and christmas periods etc etc, other times we just fill our time with doing things around the home and our meditation practice out the window. Add to that some emotional stress or illness and it can be really hard to pull it all back in. For years I would put housework ahead of meditation time – I had a tidy house and a messy mind but now it’s more the other way around ! LOL!!!

The best and easiest thing to do to get back on track is to be consistent with your practice – meaning that you meditate absolutely every single day – no excuses. In serious cases of distraction – meditate two or three times a day.

I know that sounds like a lot of time (that many of us don’t have) but this is only for the short term …. what I am recommending is (preferably) three mini meditations each day. (Although we do actually deserve this time for ourselves each day so perhaps this should not be short term after all!) Each meditation should last about 10 minutes and literally, you just sit, breathe and observe the thoughts without engaging with them. So…

Activate your Christ shield of course! Set a space, connect in with God/Source Light/Infinite Consciousness/your personal teams – whatever is comfortable for you, then breathe – watch your breath come in and out. If you can, feel if your body is relaxing into this process – for some people telling them to feel or to relax is hard and it stresses them out so take this part on board or let it go if it’s uncomfortable for you. Eventually as you develop your meditation practice your body will relax – it’s sort of inevitable in the end!

The most important thing is to breathe. You may decide to watch your breath – are you breathing short rapid breaths? Does your rate of breathing change? Is it slowing, deepening? These are just things that you might like to observe for a moment… with interest… just observe your breathing, there is no need to analyze it.

And then on to your thoughts… you will notice (probably) that you mind is racing, over thinking, analyzing… Again none of that is necessary in this moment so recognise the thoughts, witness them and then let them go as best you can. Don’t let it become a battle – just recognise that “in this moment” these thoughts are not necessary – all that is required is the breath – just breathe… and focus again on your breath…

Probably about now your 10 minutes will be up. As simple as that. You can practice this again a little later in the day – perhaps morning, lunchtime evening.

I know this is a very basic practice – but it’s actually the most perfect one for gaining control of the mental mind once again. When our thoughts are racing that much that we can’t meditate – we also can’t cope with longer meditations because it makes us feel more frustrated, so it’s best to pull it right back and give our mental mind less time to ruin our meditation process!

Very quickly – within a few days probably – we will find that we can settle much more quickly, the breathing settles and deepens much more quickly and we begin to be able to slow the thoughts for that period of time. We are training the mind to quieten for short periods of time and in that time it becomes easier to find ourselves and our own thoughts as opposed to the mish mash of stuff coming in from the outside environment. Then when we are ready we can extend our meditation time – perhaps 10 minutes morning and lunchtime and 20 minutes in the evening for example. Eventually we might prefer one longer meditation time only – in the morning perhaps. Don’t rush into this stage though – wait until you feel naturally ready to increase the time. Even if we never increase the time and stay at 10 minutes we will still see enormous benefits in terms of anxiety, stress reduction and mental clarity.

I hope this “back to basics” meditation process helps!

Karen AnTara

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