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Being Stuck

I’ve been meditating upon “Being Stuck”. What IS stuck? How we do define stuck? How do we get stuck and how do we get un-stuck?

In my healing practice I often have clients saying to me that they “feel a bit stuck” and can’t move forwards, so we look at what’s going on in their life, we look in their energy field to see if there are astral or etheric cords or bindings there that are holding them back on an energetic level. We look multi dimensionally to see if there is karma or miasma there and we look at repeating timelines, soul retrieval… all of those things that are a bit outside the box – maybe even mind-bending on some level as we are looking at quantum field impacts sometimes (and how do you explain that in easy language!) – but then when we’ve looked at and released as much of that as is shown to us at that point we ALWAYS then must look at the physical as well. Sometimes by releasing those etheric blockages it allows that person to move forwards again, but sometimes I see people several times over and they are still stuck in the same places that we’ve worked on before.

I am a greater believer in being grounded and looking to the physical for causes of suffering too. Yes, I can definitely hold my own on all levels of a spiritual discussion and I know that everything has an energy and consciousness that we can read so there is a spiritual/energetic component to everything but we must not get completely swept away in the spiritual level because, for now at least, we are still physical – in physical bodies and therefore affected by our choices on a physical level too.

When our spirit is attempting to get us to move but our mental mind is trying to stay in control and refusing that move on a physical level, then we become stuck. There are energetic levels involved in this of course but at the end of the day it is usually the physical move that makes the difference.

I have found that many 40+ women experience this. Many of us have spent our whole lives doing the family or work thing and at that age, as we begin that peri-menopausal stage or later, our spirit begins to awaken within us (if it hasn’t already!) and we get impulsed to change things in our lives. Many people fear change but change is not necessarily bad and I know that when we follow the impulses of our spirit that these change are definitely good! The problem comes when we begin the change that is guided by our spirit but we hesitate in the middle of that change and the mental mind takes over with doubts and fears, and then we become a bit de-railed or go off on just slightly the wrong path and then the outcome isn’t quite right and we are unhappy with those changes. Basically, our own mental mind sabotaged our change and growth process by putting the brakes on half way through. Sometimes we just have to commit and go all the way – trying to stop something half way through can be tricky however sometimes it is necessary too!

One of the most challenging things to witness in session work, is when I have a client who can see all that is wrong about his/her living situation and who is still unwilling – or feels unable – to change anything. I feel that this is a very dangerous situation. Fear comes up when they think about changing things and that fear feels very real. Money is most often the reason that people feel unable to walk away or change things. Money has such a hold over us as it brings up all of our core fears of survival. I have witnessed people stay in unhappy marriages, abusive relationships, jobs they hate, unhealthy mouldy houses, dangerous neighbourhoods and usually they admit that if they had more money they could change things.

If our unhappiness is directly linked to and could manifest physically as various disease states in the body, or mental health states that cause us pain or suffering, would we be willing to change our lives to change that unhappiness or would we accept it as a fait au complet?

When the pain becomes bad enough people can sometimes move away from it but how bad does it have to get before people will make that move towards happiness?

Are YOU happy or unhappy? If you have unhappiness about certain things, can you make the changes necessary to alleviate that unhappiness?

If your life depended upon making those changes, would you make them? and if so why are you waiting until your life depends on it?



  • Comment Link Karen Friday, 23 December 2016 08:12 posted by Karen

    Hi again LadyGaia
    You know.... maybe it's ok to have a blank slate (or state)! - that space where "no thing" exists, except yourself and God. The trick is not to fill that space with creations of the ego mind but to allow a space where truth and inner knowing can reside.
    Part of being human within this matrix IS that we usually have to work to support ourselves - nobody really gets a free ride down here, even though it might look like some people do, there is usually a pay off at another level and they may or may not be aware of that while they are participating in life down here.
    I have to work to put food on my table and a roof over my head and almost everyone that I know has to too. It is part of being self responsible and there is empowerment in that if we choose to see it that way. Alternatively we could see ourselves as "chained to the system" and then the energy of the money earned feels different and has a different impact upon us.
    Even if nobody "listens to us", it should not stop us from developing ourselves to be "all that we truly are". Our ability to embody our own higher levels of consciousness is not reliant upon what others think of us. This is our own personal journey and we do it for the Love of our True Self not for the admiration or recognition of that by other people. It is between your Self and God/Source. The work that you put in privately is only fully understood by a greater power. Nonetheless you chose to come here and even though you may not feel very appreciated by others you are here, holding your Light, holding your piece of the puzzle and you are appreciated by a greater force. When you begin to appreciate yourself more, then the pieces of the puzzle come together much more easily and things begin to make sense. When you declare that you are an abandoned soul, that you are lost, you become that. The language we use when we talk to ourselves and others is extremely powerful - you could perhaps create a more empowering script for yourself to include things like: I am One with God Source. I am Love. I am Light. I am Loved and Supported by All of Life itself. My Breath is my Power...
    Words that feel empowering and personal to you bring in those qualities - it is like feeding your starving Soul. If you do this a couple of times a day for a minimum of 21days you will feel different but say it like you mean it!
    With love

  • Comment Link Ladygaia Sunday, 18 December 2016 08:31 posted by Ladygaia

    Hi Karen
    Thanks for your comment, ever since I throw away all "teachings" above and beyond, the only thing left is just me. I have in a utterly blank state. I wanna change, in fact I did change A LOT, but now what else I can do to find my own spiritual path. I cannot just do it myself with no support. I believe in LOVE. However, is it just LOVE can solve everything, especially now?! After all, I am still human, need money to survive. I don't want to live/work in this slave world and yet I don't have that any financial support me to continue. A Catch 20/20 case, either I continue to work to pay bills, food or homeless.
    I know my own LIGHT inside me, and also am a very lost light. I am not a savoir, or hero . I do know I come here for helping Tara/Gaia ascension. If I can't take care of myself, how can I help others. I am no body, nobody listen to me. Most people judge your credit ability by how much money you make, not how much good deed you do. No matter how many good karma I have been accumulated, nothing good coming back to me. Something is very off in this 3D earth. Those who sell their soul gain all while I try to do the right thing is being ridiculous. I am in despair, deflated into no hope. I am not suicidal, just don't see any hope to continue the journey, I want to "go home" , "knock knock" no one there to pick me back. I am abandoned soul......
    So Karen, what's wrong with me??

  • Comment Link Karen Saturday, 17 December 2016 06:45 posted by Karen

    Hi Ladygaia,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I'm glad you found something helpful here on my site.
    I find meditation to be a really important key to our awareness, growth and expansion but I also teach other techniques for scanning and clearing our energy bodies and for developing awareness in my Ascension Meditation Classes, so you might be interested in joining one of these classes at some point. Otherwise though, I think there is a whole process that we can go through just by coming back into ourselves - letting go of many of the things we have been "taught" by others and really taking the time to assess individually which beliefs feel right for us and what we want to hold on to. The further we move away from these groups the clearer things become, providing that we stay committed to our spiritual growth.
    "Know thyself" - holds so much truth and is an inner journey.

  • Comment Link ladygaia11 Friday, 09 December 2016 10:49 posted by ladygaia11

    I feel stuck right now and yet I was lead to read your site. I have basically gone through a lot during my ascension path, from lifetimes after lifetimes being buddha monk to all these new age groups, finally, I think you are right, no need to find any Buddha, guru , ascended masters or channelling ET, (ie false starseed matrix ) I don't need this anymore, I am going to look right within myself . Well besides meditation, what else I can do to connect back my own source? Thanks for your insights.


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