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Healthy Lifestyle Challenge 2017

Hi Everyone,

Invitation to join

Wishing you all a Healthy Happy and Wealthy New Year!!!

Have you over indulged this Chrismas?  Is your waistband feeling rather tight? or perhaps you feel sluggish (or hungover) and can hardly drag yourself off the sofa...

No matter what has been your experience in these last few weeks, we have now entered 2017 and we are beginning a whole new cycle of time. 2+0+1+7=10 =1.

We are beginning a 1 year - new beginnings and through our own choices and decisions to move beyond the things that have held us back (possibly for the last 10 years of the previous cycle just ended!) we now have a fresh new opportunity to start all over again and "create the life we want".

When I say this I caution all of us to reign our mind/ego in from wanting the porsche, holiday mansion, Carribean cruises etc, unless that is reasonably close to where you are in life right now but for someone who scrapes by each week to put food on the table these are unrealistic goals and will ultimately lead to the person feeling disheartened when the reality hits them that this is not going to happen for them in 2017! :)

I can't really help you if your goal is a porsche but if what you want is to feel better about yourself, feel empowered in your life choices, make adjustments to your diet that will lead to better health, understand your body's needs more, learn how to make better food choices, learn which are good and bad foods, increase your energy levels, learn to listen to what your body is telling you and loads more... then yes I can help with that. These are all things that I cover privately in Health Coaching sessions with clients, but what I'm offering publicly to help you with this (for free!) is my Healthy Lifestyle Challenge 2017!

I'm challenging you to sign up now and make a committment to yourself for better health.

Our challenge starts on 11th January.  For the next 12 months you will receive emails and blog posts with healthy lifestyle tips, favourite recipes, a little bit of education so that you can be more informed to make healthier choices and loads more.

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge participants who are existing members of our Community Forum will have access to a private section in our Forum where they can share or ask questions and for those who are not members and don't wish to become one, there is also a Facebook group where they can come together and share/ask questions if they want to. This is a great way for all of us to encourage our friends and family to make Healthy Lifestyle changes right along with us this year so please share this post with your friends and ask them to join in.

I do hope you will choose to jump on board with this and join us as we move forwards towards better health.

Send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you'd like to particpate so that I can add you to the list and arrange for you to have access to our private FB group or private section in the Community Forum.

Here's wishing us all a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle starting in 2017!




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