Thursday, 03 April 2014 23:23

How’s your health?

I’d like to propose that you take a little time today to meditate upon the state of your health.

As you sit still and allow your body to get really calm and relaxed – and most importantly, let go of the mental mind – don’t rush this process, allow time to be calm and centred – then ask your body how it’s going today? Is it in pain? Does it feel good today? Does it feel healthy and full of vitality? Is it tired and sluggish?

Open a dialogue with your body and listen to what it has to say… (take care to listen to your body not your ego mind!).

Scan through your body and connect with each organ. How are you today liver? How are you doing kidneys? heart, lungs and so on… How is your lymphatic system, your skin…

Really listen to what your body consciousness has to say… it knows what’s going on in there, it lives there everyday!

Ask your body how you can support it… what does it require to bring it back to health and balance…?

A conversation with your body… please journal what you discover and take action to support your body.

(If you need a Health Coach to support you with this – please contact me!)


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