I've had regular sessions with Karen for over a year. When I first began, I was blocked and didn't feel much. Karen removed implants and programs, which weren't serving me, from my energy bodies and we did a lot of 'past life' clearing. As our sessions continued, my intuition strengthened, my empathy and sensitivity increased leading me to feel energetically like I had when I was a child.

I recommend Karen's sessions for anyone wishing to expand their consciousness and to assist in moving through life without resistance.

Sally.  Melbourne, Australia



Karen and her (meditation) class had a special resonance with me. One thing became very clear straight away and that was the importance and impact of spiritual energy, which I had not given much deep thought to previously. After that first class, I continued to return to meditation classes until I was no longer living in the area, which was about two years overall. Karen's thorough knowledge in spirituality and 'becoming conscious' is clear in her approach to the discussions and meditations in class. Her experience in this field is vast and her guidance and advice is thoughtful and genuine.

After some time of going to Karen's meditation classes, I went to see her privately for a spiritual healing session. I had a few personal things going on at the time and many of my views and behavioural patterns were shifting, probably due to heightened awareness which comes through regular meditation practise. I didn't exactly know what needed healing but I had some issues with my past that I wanted to bring up and also a physical issue that was on my mind. Karen, with her experience and my permission, was able to see deep into my spiritual body and look for signs that I needed healing. She found what she was looking for, things both which I knew were there and didn't. There was a long moment in my session with Karen, where something happened and I was freed. The energy I felt pulsing through my body was undeniable and even though I can't explain it, I know it. I have since been a firm believer of spiritual energy and higher consciousness as I cannot deny what I have experienced for myself.

I trust Karen completely and still turn to her for advice when my own experience or knowledge fails me. She is a friend and a spiritual guide and I am so happy to have met her. She has taught me some invaluable skills on how to follow my own inner guidance and continues to offer support along my own spiritual journey.

Clare, (travelling around) Australia


Karen has developed and refined her unique abilities & gifts to a very high level and for that I am very grateful. Integrity, honor, truth and impeccable spiritual ethics, Karen can support and assist you to more fully understand whatever it is you seek answers to or help with. I love working with Karen, it is an enlightening, profound and exciting experience, always filled with love, warmth, connection and compassion and always ending with refreshing lightheartedness and illumination. I highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking expansion, awareness and clarity. I look forward to our next session. Thank you Karen!

Michael, South Australia.



Karen, you lifted the veil and helped me to see what had been hidden from me.  I could never have imagined what our session would bring and I feel eternally grateful for your help and loving support.

Cher, Toronto, Canada.


I can't thank you enough Karen, for speaking such truth to me that it resonated in every cell of my body.  It is rare to find a person who is courageous enough to hold a space to witness the darkness most painful parts of human behaviour and that then in a moment shifts the whole vibration of the session to such light that we are left in no doubt that a true healing has occurred.  Thank you, from deep within my heart.

Meg, Arizona, USA.




I felt such a tremendous relief after my session with Karen.  She gave me context to what I was experiencing.  She made me feel strong and brave and supported me to get out of the victim mode I had unconsciously been living in for a really long time.  

Cathy, Mexico.





Karen helped me at a particularly difficult time when my extended family was falling apart. She was able to use her psychic ability to tap into the issues and with simply one sentence changed the way I saw things, which made all the difference.

Karen understood what was going on for me on a spiritual level and gave me effective guidance. She is the most knowledgeable person with a deep sense of integrity.

Carla. NSW, Australia




I have been probably been working with Karen now for close to 15 years,not only has she done some amazing healing and clearing on me in my life, she has been an incredible mentor and guide helping me to navigate my way in the ever changing journey we are all on to higher consciousness!

I cannot recommended Karen highly enough she is gifted determined and unwavering in her pursuit of the truth and the betterment of mankind.

Karen you have truly blessed my life and supported me through life's big challenges and for this I am forever grateful.

May the road rise up to me you and you be forever blessed.

Natalie, NSW, Australia




My healing with Karen was incredible. I enjoyed the whole process and found it really interesting. I had no idea of what to expect in the healing and all I can say is I am absolutely amazed at what came out of it. For 3 years or more I have had an intense pain in my lower back that has completely burdened my life. I could not exercise, every time I did I was in more pain for weeks, I have put on weight as a result and it often made me feel very depressed. I have had many different treatments to fix it but nothing had worked completely. 

With this healing Karen found some implants in my body which had been causing this pain and then she went about clearing it. I can honestly say that I have no pain at all in my back. It has been over a week now and I have been waiting to feel the pain re-emerge but it just hasn’t. I have never felt better! 

I am a healer myself and since my healing I am feeling much more aligned and connected. I am noticing a lot more in regards to negative energies within my own life and am able to remove these things before they get a hold of my energy. 

Everybody could benefit from one of these healings as we are all plugged into this earth matrix and are being affected negatively in some way. There are so many things which we went through that I couldn’t explain but all I know is that I am much clearer, in less pain and more aware of my energy. I cannot wait to learn more and to have more healings. 

Kate, WA, Australia



I have had the privilege of knowing Karen for many years now as she has gently guided me through a number of challenging life experiences.  Without her wisdom, love and support the outcomes would have been very different.   I have attended meditation classes, workshops and have also had many one-on-one sessions that combined, have assisted me in my journey towards a greater understanding of my purpose here on earth.

The clarity and understanding I have achieved through Karen’s teachings and guidance has helped me through cancer treatment    Even at times when I was in despair – she could always be relied upon to pick me up and send me on the right path again!  She is someone I always trust to tell me exactly how it is, even if the message is a hard one to hear!   I am forever indebted to her – she is my teacher, the words of wisdom in my still, small voice of calm!

Sara, NSW,Australia



I have never experienced such clarity and peace after a healing session as I did after working with Karen.  This feeling stayed with me for weeks and allowed me to really get my life back on track after having gone through a really difficult and challenging time.

Christine, England.


I have always believed in God but felt like something was missing in my life until I met Karen. I met her through a friend and was interested in taking her meditation class. I needed to calm down and settle my mind. It became so much more than that! Karen showed me that God and Spirit can be balanced and integrated, and becoming conscious and using integrity has changed my life to become the best person I can be. A constant work in progress! I am at peace with myself and feel healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and most of all spiritually. Thank you from my heart,

Robyn, NSW. Australia.



When one goes to a Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, one never knows what to expect or what they are going to find. Occasionally someone who has been working privately for years decides to step into the limelight and shine like a diamond in the night sky. This MBS was one such occasion. As a professional tarot reader and tarot guild president, I’m not in the habit of having readings done, however there was one stall where felt a very different yet beautiful energy emitting from a lady I have never seen at MBS before, intrigued by her I booked in for a 30min one on one consultation.

O My God and Wow! I am not really sure what happened to me in that 30min, but whatever it was that happened that day was magical to say the least. It took me 12 hrs to integrate the energy from that awesome session. There was a serious higher dimensional attunement happening to me that day and since then, I feel I have grown in leaps and bounds, both personally and spiritually.

Karen… that is some gift and talent you have! My mentor once said, “who you are matters, live large, leave your footprints in the sands of time, make the world a better place for you having been there” and lady you certainly fill that brief to the letter.

Aho, Namaste in magic

Nevrom Graywolf, Diamond Soul Energies.



I have been trying to find the words to express to you my gratitude for the work you did for me and with me.  I still cannot find appropriate words to describe how the workshop has enhanced my life. Firstly, I must say that in all the workshops that I have participated in over the past decade, I have never felt so much progress from one workshop. I was very connected and comfortable with your work. I feel as though I have stepped up. It’s like I have been fine tuned… I have been following my guidance along my path for some time now. Since the workshop, the guidance has been so much stronger, more specific and so much more powerful.

Michelle, NSW, Australia.



Karen provides a supportive,nurturing and non judgemental space in which to discover and unveil the truth of who you are. Her classes are always inspiring, enjoyable, informative and fun – something to look forward too.

Louelle, NSW, Australia.



I really can’t say enough wonderful words about Karen An-Tara; she is an amazing woman, soul and teacher. After spending three years growing through her guided development classes – I now wonder profoundly – where I would be without this blessed learning! Since walking this path alongside Karen I have uncovered an incredible strength within myself, a strength that no discomfort or money could overshadow. In the journey of personal development many painful truths and fears surface – and trusting a teacher with the delicate process of surrendering – is of essence. Karen has given me a place to feel and discover. I am absolutely humbled by her greatness and her heart – which holds the same space for many of my wonderful soul friends. She is more than a teacher; I class her as a very dear friend’

Brianne, NSW, Australia



Karen has been my mentor and teacher for the last three years. In that time I have grown in ways I could never have imagined. Karen has helped me so much and with her support I have been free to explore both myself and the world I live in. This journey is not always easy, but Karen’s patient guidance eases the lessons and the rewards are huge. I have a much greater understanding of myself and where and how I fit in. I have grown as a person, and am still learning daily and hopefully growing daily. Karen has an amazing depth of intuition and shares her knowledge generously. A healing with Karen always leaves me understanding the turmoil that is often around me. I have found an inner peace that I didn’t know existed. I am grateful every day that Karen is in my life and that she is there to support me on my journey. Thank you, Karen.

Simonne,  NSW, Australia



Karen is commited to truth in everything she does, strongly connected to and committed to evolving spiritual consciousness, a loving genuine teacher, healer, psychic, channeller, lightworker and wise woman, always courageous in moving forward and unconditional. I love going to her classes even though she pushes us to grow. To me she is a master teacher and she tells us and reminds us that we are all teachers to each other.

Paula, NSW, Australia